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Cosmetics processing production cycle time is how long?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-28

but never done cosmetics processing customers, even some old customers were asked, when can delivery. Delivery is critical for the customer, having the goods to carry out marketing activities, the truth foundries are to understand, but some customers worried, submit orders today, had even tomorrow delivery, for the idea, cosmetics manufacturers also want to can guarantee that, after all, the delivery of the goods to the customer, cosmetics manufacturers can also received the accounts receivable.

but this just a desire happiness, actually contract as a chef, if there is not even rice, food purchases home, that how to make delicious meals? Supply of the manufactures of package material production time and production time, such as packaging materials, production time, if is well-known brands selected packaging materials dealers have finished goods, can immediately delivery to , through the test of the contract after can be delivered within 15 working days. If not finished goods dealers, so must produce packaging materials, general packaging independent production delivery in 12 days For 30 days.

if is a new product, delivery cycles are usually late, but time is not in the supply, consumption and consumption in the early days of the new project preparation. Such as packaging design, material selection, document editing and review for the record, etc. , are sure to do this work, and accord with relevant laws and regulations can be according to the record of examination and approval.

early work progress is the need to customers to cooperate with each other, packaging design, selection, copy editor is full of OEM cosmetics manufacturer according to customer design and production of the project plan, if customer uncertainty will harm work progress; In addition, the goods is for the record registration organization for goods to carry out the examination and approval, so this step is not a decision by the contract, waiting for you to put on record, according to after packaging materials into the factory inspection qualified, within 15 working days of delivery.

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