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Cosmetics processing solutions

by:Zanyu     2020-09-25
Cosmetics processing solutions according to different processing customers, will have different cosmetics processing solutions. Because of different customer groups, demand for cosmetics processing has different points, such as wechat business may pursue good quality, high price, electricity the pursuit of cost-effective. Therefore, cosmetics processing solution, cosmetics manufacturers should be according to the different processing requirements for planning. Partner: what would you like to do foreign OEM, foreign trade companies, professional cosmetics order beauty salon to do its own brand, to create brand agents or dealers, you own brand dealers, just into the line less experienced dealers, has many years experience of cosmetics industry investors for processing brand, want to develop a new brand of cosmetics distributor or agent, want to change professions investment of investors, cosmetics manufacturers of generation 1 processing cooperation customers have? Processing OEM cosmetics customer type 1 foreign customers OEM OEM customers want to 2 foreign trade companies have cosmetics OEM customer order 3 professional beauty salon to do their own brand OEM customers 4 to create brand agent or distributor OEM customers 5 you own brand distributor OEM customers 6 just in experience fewer dealers OEM customers 7 has many years experience of cosmetics industry investors wanted to do brand OEM customers processing 8 want to develop a new brand distributor or agent in 9 customers want to cosmetic industry profession investment of investors different cosmetics generation of processing customers, their demand for cosmetics and processing is not consistent. Demand for each customer group has its own characteristics, such as, professional beauty salon customers want their product efficacy composition is more, the product use effect is obvious; Entered the customers want small processing, measuring model experiment was carried out; Focus on electricity line of customers is the pursuit of product price, hope with the lowest cost to create the greatest benefits. 2, cosmetics and processing solutions include: the content of the two. 1, determine the cosmetics positioning processing: processing you need the product is high-end positioning, or mid-range positioning. According to product positioning, determine the recipe ingredients, using what quality of raw material composition, processing technology. 2. 2, determine the cosmetics processing fee: cosmetics processing fees: including inside and outside the packaging cost, material cost, processing cost, quality cost etc. , if you need a registered trademark, also including the registration of the trademark. 2. 3, cosmetics processing contracts: according to product positioning, determine the processing details and costs, and then, conclude a contract for the relevant cosmetics processing scheme. Cosmetics manufacturers to row of single production, average production cycle has been about two months.
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