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Cosmetics processing trilogy

by:Zanyu     2020-11-28

cosmetics processing involves the production and the client, the OEM cosmetics manufacturers and customers, while the complex production process, but as a cosmetic clients through trust cosmetics factory production, only need to do three things, very simple! So we need to do?

1 issue a business licence to

type 01 can deal with the legal person business license, business license can also deal with natural types, that is to say, can be a company type business license or individual business license.

type 02 company business license can be in mainland China, or foreign may also be Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

03 business license must include the scope of business of cosmetics, if the business license only if the scope of the clothing business, not for cosmetics trademark registration and related business.

4 if there is no business license, can declare registered can entrust intermediary to declare. Around now to optimize business environment, some complete registration can be 1 working day, in general, no more than 7 working days can be finished.

2 registered trademark brand

01 customers must have its own cosmetic brand.

02 clients without their own brand, to obtain the business license registered trademark, also can entrust a trademark agency registered agent, but should pay attention to the places where TM with the agency shall not be put on record.

3 special circumstances, if customers choose products to market, can be purchased by others have registered trademark cosmetics, or after others authorized the use of OEM cosmetics brand.

3 processing contracts

01 mature OEM cosmetics factory owns the standard version generation processing contract, only the customer clear related supplementary content can be.

02, after signing the contract need to pay some deposit.

3 customers need to master the logistics information, keep in touch with cosmetics OEM customer service personnel.

what has been discussed above, the customer only need to handle the business license, a registered trademark, cosmetics generation processing contracts these three things, the customers can entrust OEM cosmetics factory processing production of our own brand of cosmetics.

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