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Cosmetics production the goods time is how long?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-24

the great development of the cosmetics market prospects, at the same time, in the fierce competition in the cosmetics industry, the enterprise operation cost is higher and higher. So choose cosmetics generation process is the right choice, can reduce business operating costs and product cost, is advantageous to the enterprise development in the industry.

professional cosmetics factory sure and many partners have mature and stable cooperative relations, product delivery can also determine the plant reliability and product quality.

cosmetics generation processing production the goods time is how long? How long can delivery after order? The problem I believe that the beginning of a lot of cosmetics generation processing customers will want to know.

the first generation of cosmetics production the goods time, to produce a finished product, the goods time includes the packaging material in the production of the goods time and emulsion production raw material and finished product packing the goods time. Packaging is the packaging materials, in addition to the products of raw materials such as the products on the other hand cream bottle, box, such as cloth mask paste products is membrane, mask bag with box, etc. ; And different types of packaging material, or material of different materials to produce the goods time is different also, general packaging material to produce the goods time in 12 days - alone 30 days. Chooses packaging material with and without spot also has a relationship, a spot of the packaging material stock period is relatively short, only need to add the relevant technology such as screen printing logo can, without spot orders you will need to separate production.

due to the packaging materials are commonly by cosmetics factory cooperation manufacturer is responsible for the production of packaging material, packaging material to produce the goods time controlled by the material manufacturer suppliers, OEM cosmetics factory is mainly responsible for packaging materials packaging production link in here after, so regular production cosmetics factory side the goods time is 7 - after packaging material here 15 days of delivery.

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