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Cream and elite fluid using order, what's the difference?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-24
We know that the front face creams and toner and sequence and the difference on the use of the emulsion, below small make up is to introduce a below the frost and the elite fluid using order! Hurriedly moved well off the bench to come over! Cream and cream essence using order is generally as the last step of skin care, the essence is to use after skin care water steps, namely before the cream used, so the cream and essence of the correct use of sequence is first daub elite, after essence fully absorbed, and then apply the cream on face. Cream essence skin care process step 1: toner. First choose suitable toner, spring and summer are generally choose relaxed without oil type, choose a few moist for autumn and winter. Can the toner to a cotton pad, gently with cotton pad on face wipes to absorb. Or five fingers together, pour toner in front finger, gently pat the face to absorb. The second step: elite fluid. Elite fluid after general like eye cream with water, the dosage of the essence are generally less, dipped in soybean grain size, massage gently daub on face. Step 3: the emulsion. After emulsion used in essence, has a layer of moisturizing the skin water locking effect, the dosage of the emulsion is about 2 times, the essence of pour in finger front, or in escaping, gently massage on face film absorption. Step 4: cream. After frost generally used in the emulsion, is the most thick texture in all skin care products, more than locking skincare efficacy. According to the personal skin and decide, have a choice, such as for frost oily skin can choose not to use in summer. Take a suitable amount of cream with soft face that absorption. Face creams and essence of the difference between mainly is the quality and effect of difference. Moisturizing essence, or other effect, but can't lock water for a long time, and cream like people wear clothes, wear the underwear or render the clothes inside, Essence) To wear a coat outside; Can long hours protect wet, protect skin lock water, etc. Face creams and important cream essence which is as important as the essence, because face creams and essence are different skin care products, for the role of skin is different also, you need to face creams and essence are used together, can nourish and protect skin. Because usually contains rich moisturizing ingredients of cream or other nutrients, can nourish skin deeply, at the same time to form a layer of protective film on the surface of the skin, help skin to lock in moisture. And essence according to the requirements of different skin will take the effect of different components, and the essence of the active ingredient in high concentration, molecular weight is small, so the essence can better penetrate into skin, help skin hydrated. So face creams and essence are used together can help skin to lock water filling water, more durable water embellish.
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