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Cream processing factory tell you, how to choose appropriate oneself face cream ~

by:Zanyu     2020-12-07

cream processing factory tell you, moisturizing cream, emulsion degree is high. Easy to push the uniform and rapid penetration to the skin epidermis, easy to be absorbed water degree is high. Can moisturize skin ingredients easy to survive, it is not easy to evaporate, to maintain a certain moisture content of the skin. Not greasy. Oil content less, had better have matte effect. Moisturizing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid ( Hyaluronic acid) , glycerol, amino acid, collagen, vitamin B5, AHA, etc. It is important to note that glycerin is one of the traditional moisturizing products, but it mainly by absorbing moisture to keep humidity outside, so the weather is dry north do not apply. Beauty cream, emulsion composition is safe. No stimulation, no alcohol, gentle. Work fast whitening products have more stimulation to the skin. Moisturizing effect is good. Whitening products often enough, moisturizing effect of good whitening ingredients more easily absorbed. Whitening ingredients. Ursolic acid, acid, ellagic acid, a left-handed C, etc. Need to pay attention to some whitening ingredients can easily oxidized, be careful to save and use.

cream processing factory tell you anti-aging creams, lotions moisturizing effect is good. Good moisturizing effect can promote the absorption of anti-aging ingredients. Moisturizing effect is good. Ageing of the skin in addition to water shortage, oil content also began to decline, fully nourish to prevent wrinkles. Anti-aging ingredients. Vitamin A, collagen protein, peptide and Q10, etc.

cream processing factory tell you cream applicable skin types: generally speaking, the cream is for dry skin and more moisturizing emulsion, oily and combination skin suitable for fresh emulsion and does not contain oily creams. Dry season, such as qiu dong season, suit to use thicker cream texture, and hot season, such as the spring and summer, suit to use fresh texture of the emulsion. On the whole, I think face cream is mainly suitable for dry skin MM, because of the frost class DD is generally moist, so if the skin water shortage, comparing the effect should be significantly; While the emulsion is mainly suitable for mixing the outermost layer of skin or MM. Of course, this is just a general statement. The outermost layer of skin MM can choose condensation class to frost, but can also choose to moisturize dry skin MM type of emulsion.

partial dry in dry season, of course, it is recommended to use face cream, moisturizing effect will be better, are more durable, summer can choose relatively clear thin emulsion, refreshing and hydrating, no burden; Oily skin prone to doug annoyance, so difficult to choose the heavy cream, with some moisturizing emulsion with good effect in dry winter, the summer you will need to choose the emulsion with a nature of containment. Cream processing, your choice, is victory!

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