Zanyu skin care manufacturer's mission is to build the first platform for the export OEM skin care brands in China.The main service: OEM skin care,OEM cosmetics,private label skin care products.

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Custom Facial Cleanser Wholesale Manufacturer


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Facial cleanser, handmade soap, cleansing cream, cleansing mousse: Based on thorough cleansing of the skin, you can develop a variety of products suitable for oily skin/dry skin, or products that can target specific areas or certain needs from customer requests which enhances the products effectiveness.


The following products are a small part of the finished products developed and sold by our factory. 

The OEM customers can adjust according to their own sales ideas and negotiate with our technicians. (For example, to make an amino acid facial cleanser, while having natural massage particles to remove the aging keratin), etc. are all possible.

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