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Customer and cosmetic processing cooperation process is?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-26

OEM cosmetics processing industry, this process there are many problems, we solve different ways, according to many years of experience, we have a complete solution, guarantee on the product purchase material quality, delivery cycle, production process, and the most important cost control has the absolute advantage.

a part, according to the customer request to provide product formula template

existing products: send two products according to customer demand, to the customer comparing - Send the samples

proofing products: arrange - proofing Proofing number - Proofing fee - Proofing cycle - Director of the salesman confirm and sign - finance Send the samples

2, customer experience formula of the sample and feedback to the cosmetics manufacturers improve until both sides agree

products use method First used to achieve the effect of

three, customers choose OEM solution and the processing contract with OEM manufacturers

salesman proposed - contract Confirm signing - director Financial stamp - The salesman to clients to confirm

4, customer in advance according to the contract JiaGongKuan

down payment, 50% advance payment - Financial confirmation - Procurement of raw materials - of the emulsion Production filling - Residual payment for goods is paid - The delivery finished product ( Do not include logistics fee)

5, processing, customer and manufacturer relations took effect, and formal production product

production orders ( Formula number - G - Weight - - bag packaging requirements - box packaging requirements Spray code - Shrink film - - carton packaging requirements Production cycle - The finished product list)

6, the product manufacturer after the completion of delivery

- logistics company Logistics costs ( Logistics to point or door-to-door delivery fee) - Logistics cycle - Confirm the personnel ( Salesman + customer + + financial confirm ending paragraph + service director signature)

7, the customer to sign for the product, if there are any product problems, should contact the manufacturer to solve the problem of the product as soon as possible

customer confirm with the client in time after receiving the product, if there is a problem in the logistics transportation, the personnel of the service with the salesman must be a clear understanding.

summary: there are many factors that can affect the machining cost of makeup, can't from the two aspects to judge, is more comprehensive to consider, you are advised to field visit to OEM cosmetics processing factory, will have a clear understanding of.

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