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Data: men cosmetics daily search volume increased 169% year-on-year

by:Zanyu     2020-10-19
Data: men cosmetics daily search volume increased 169% compared to the same abstract: 1 - this year In July, platform man cosmetics daily searches year-on-year growth of 169%, after 95 to 32. Accounts for 4% of the men, than beauty makeup the biggest consumer groups. Men have is the power of beauty makeup can not be ignored in the market. Recently, the guide online platform for rebate network to released data show that 1 - this year In July, platform man cosmetics daily searches year-on-year growth of 169%, after 95 to 32. Accounts for 4% of the men, than beauty makeup the biggest consumer groups. The emergence of a new generation of male idol, social aesthetic attitude to men, the change of the aesthetic standard, and variety, the influence of the social media network, based on the traditional gender tags defined consumer demand is changing, new men consumption growth also more and more remarkable, men's clothing, beauty makeup market continue to rise. Male makeup is no longer new, but young men make up more the norm, as a whole shows a tendency of 'the younger the delicate', rebates, according to data from the network of 90 and 95 after men became the most nots allow to ignore the male cosmetics consumer groups, of which 95 after delicate Boy with strong spending power to occupy the position of male cosmetics market unchallenged, consumption share of 32. 4%, then was followed by 90 men after 25. 21 after 8% and 00. 49%. Rebate web data shows that male beauty makeup consumption has two years in a row to maintain high growth, 2018 male beauty makeup turnover year-on-year growth of 136%, 1-2019 Male beauty makeup July turnover year-on-year growth for 140. 36%. The BB/CC cream, lipstick, eyebrow pencil became the top three most popular male makeup, 1-2019 July in all men to buy cosmetics, men buy for men BB or CC cream to 33. 4% increase over the same period in 2018, 77. 8%, while the male dedicated sales accounted for more than 46 eyebrow pencil. 56 7%, year-on-year growth. 55%. In addition, men eyeliner become the fastest-growing sheet is tasted, year-on-year increase of 168. 56%. 2015, the men's skincare essence class appeared higher than the 100% growth, since each year to keep more than 50% of the growth, higher than that of skin care products overall growth, starting in 2017, men in essence category of consumption growth, per capita consumption began more than women. Sale this with men prefer big and sensitivity low consumption characteristics, also shows that the male cosmetics more than simple stage of cleansing and moisturizing, begin to enter deep skin care. In addition, the rebate network data also showed that male consumers began to more and more attention to detail, before men to protect skin to stay in the dimension of containment, acne removing, relaxed, and 1 - this year In July, men focus on black volume increased 52%, concerned about the whitening pale spot class effect creams volume increased by 46%. In the field of men's fashion consumption, hanfu became another except male beauty beauty makeup unpopular areas of growth. 1-2019 In July, platform hanfu consumption rose as high as 196. 2%, being the main force of hanfu consumption after 95, accounting for more than half, the proportion of men to 39. 71%; Man hanfu to buy in the most populous city, chengdu first, become the city of the veritable hanfu, second is xi 'an and nanjing respectively. According to industry statistics, as of late 2018, the Chinese hanfu market consumption group has more than 2 million people, with annual sales of over 1 billion yuan, buy hanfu toll rose 92% in 2018. 'Male consumer market value at the bottom of the traditional impression is broken', one of the personage inside course of study points out, 'seek and grasp the male consumption growth will be the next outlet, especially the younger male guest group, has demonstrated a strong desire to consume and more subdivision category requirements, they will become the important breakthrough of the development of the brand. 'Disclaimer: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information. If a source tagging error or violate the legitimate rights and interests of you, the author holds the ownership certificate, please contact with this net, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you. Source: Beijing business net beauty makeup the headlines
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