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Deep skin nourishment, bid farewell to skin sub-health, scientific maintenance, reject skin surfaceization

by:Zanyu     2021-06-04

   Nowadays, 80% of urban women have sub-healthy bodies. It seems that there is no problem, but the disease is fatal. In fact, the skin is the same, especially the skin during pregnancy after pregnancy. Due to the changes of the pregnant woman and the external environment Pollution of the radiation environment, the skin quality continues to deteriorate, and you will fall into a sub-healthy state if you don't pay attention to it. Therefore, the skin care specialist during pregnancy pointed out that only by going deep into the bottom of the skin to achieve gentle repair, can we truly say goodbye to the sub-health of the skin and maintain the healthy state of the skin.

  1. Pregnant women should pay attention to skin cleanliness in skin care

   The oily dirt attached to the face cannot be washed away with water, but many pregnant mothers use fetal health as a shield. Insist on not using any cleansing products. Pregnancy skin care brands emphasize that many bacteria and dirt on the skin cannot be observed by the naked eye. The cleansing effect of water can not meet the daily cleansing needs, but can only bring a false illusion of skin refreshing. In fact, most bacteria and garbage will still stay on the surface of the skin. during pregnancy should pay attention to skin cleanliness, and choose pregnant skin care products.

  Second, skin care for pregnant women should be deeply moisturized

   cucumber and strawberry veneer, many pregnant mothers are obsessed with homemade facial masks and enjoy the moisturizing skin after application. This seems to have no effect on the health of the fetus, but in fact it has no obvious benefits for skin care. The skin nourishing ingredients in fruits and vegetables are relatively large, and they cannot pass through the cell barrier and enter the bottom of the skin. They cannot have the repairing and nourishing effect at all. The ingredients remaining on the skin surface will soon be evaporated by the air and cannot maintain the long-lasting moisturizing effect. . for pregnant women should pay attention to deep hydration. Only when it enters the bottom of the skin to effectively fill the dehydrated cells, can the skin texture be truly improved.

  3. Pregnancy skin care should pay attention to makeup removal

   ranks first in the top ten skin care products for pregnant women. There are a variety of concealer and beauty products under the banner. For example, BB cream, CC cream, isolation cream, etc., they have a certain skin lightening and nourishing effect, and can create natural, compliant and beautiful makeup for pregnant mothers. However, this does not mean that such products do not need to be removed. It means that at any time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the complete removal of makeup before going to bed to avoid clogging the pores and hindering the skin's metabolism at night. In addition, make-up removal products must be selected. Facial cleansers can only wash away part of the makeup on the surface of the skin, but cannot thoroughly clean the remaining parts of the bottom layer.

  The specialist for OEM skin care during pregnancy said that pregnant women should choose a skin care brand for pregnant women that suits their skin needs. The skin care products for pregnant women start with cleansing, hydrating, makeup removal and other aspects, deep care, and comprehensively improve the texture of the skin. . Deep skin nourishment can bid farewell to the skin's sub-healthy state and restore skin moisture and smoothness.

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