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Disinfection liquid soap export customs declaration

by:Zanyu     2020-10-24
Disinfection liquid soap to say how export customs declaration recently for a period of time to sell what the most popular, I believe everyone will casually say were protective masks and other related to the outbreak. Since pneumonia outbreak, the global demand for protective masks, protective clothing and other related materials increased rapidly, even money may not be able to buy, in this case, the mask is very short, as long as you can put the mask basically production come out, can sell it out quickly. Masks may also be responsible for this special demand has created huge market opportunity, after so many companies see business opportunities have horse mask production line, according to relevant data statistics, since February 2020, 6114 new masks and respirators enterprises in our country, compared with the same period of last year, the growth rate is as high as 1561%, at present our country masks and respirators related companies a total of 38151. Masks export domestic enterprises need to meet what condition: ordinary mask of medical equipment management such as epidemic materials, no regulatory conditions, with the import and export rights, can be directly exported. Involved the mask such as epidemic materials, need product 3 card: A. The business license ( Scope of business includes medical equipment related) 。 B。 Product registration certificate or registration certificate, C. Factory inspection report, and then have the right of import and export enterprises, export. In addition, if the enterprise wants to purchase, give or take the place of overseas affiliates need to provide the case. Ein finishing materials products (export epidemic prevention For reference) : ein finishing materials products (export epidemic prevention For reference) : 1. Masks a HS: 6307900000; 2. A - rubber gloves - HS: 4015190000 ; 3. Protective clothing - HS: 6210103000 ; 4. Goggles - HS: 9004909000 ; 5. Cotton swabs, cotton, cotton ball - HS: 5601210000 ; 6. A thermometer - HS: 9025199090 ; 7. Disinfectant - - HS: 3808940090 ; 8. Hand sanitizer - - HS: 3401300000 ; Tags: disinfection liquid soap for export
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