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Disposable alcohol hand sanitizer can take the high-speed rail? Please see the following provisions

by:Zanyu     2020-10-02
New coronavirus disease gradually stabilized, although also began to recover in all walks of life to work, but this does not mean that outbreak has in the past, when people go out to take the high-speed rail, subway, completes the protective measures. However, many people will be carried free wash hand disinfection liquid, so the question comes, disposable alcohol hand sanitizer can take the high-speed rail? High iron articles carried by the rules nowadays, the crowd of MTR station, subway station, bus station and other rides more and more, this time how to get a bottle of washing your hands free less liquid disinfected! As we all know, now most of the free hand wash liquid contain alcohol, as for disposable alcohol hand sanitizer can take the high-speed rail? Look at the following provisions will know the answer. Actually, in accordance with relevant provisions of the articles carried by the high-speed rail, general hand sanitizer can take high-speed rail, but disposable alcohol hand sanitizer contains alcohol content, the main ingredient of alcohol is ethanol, volatile, flammable, usually it is prohibited to carry into the station. There are 84 disinfectant belongs to corrosive, dangerous goods is prohibited to carry into the station. However, some disinfection wet wipes, disinfection, such as cotton piece goods can carry on. 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】 Tags: alcohol hand sanitizer hand wash liquid alcohol free disposable
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