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Disposable sterilized gel have harm to children? Can kill virus?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-28
Disposable sterile gel is for everyone out there is no water to wash their hands, but need clean hand disinfection using, for some with the child's mother, this is a good thing when go out to play, but I don't know if disposable sterile gel on children hurt? Disposable sterilized gel have harm to children? Disposable sterile gel except for isopropyl alcohol allergy, correctly used in moderation for there is no harm to human body. Disposable sterile gel is made up of cross-linked with hydroxyl diphenyl ether and ethanol as the main effective components of disinfection products, suitable for surgical hand disinfection and sanitary hand disinfection, its advantage is no need to wash could rival to clean and disinfect, but note that if you have allergic to isopropyl alcohol composition of people do not use, so as not to induce allergic phenomenon, use to prevent children eating, so as to avoid adverse to health. Disposable sterile gel also not suitable for use for a long time, because the sanitizing gel containing triclosan and cross-linked with card class have antiseptic effect, according to the 20 minutes reported in France, a recent study found that such substances potentially threatening to human body health, can disrupt human body endocrine system, caused by a variety of diseases, such as long-term use of dichlorobenzene oxygen chloride of phenol and acetone card class such as antimicrobial, with an increased risk of breast cancer, reduce sperm motility, hinder the normal development of fetus. Hand washing gel from children work? Need help at home long use. In order to avoid when a child is in the use of hand washing gel from eating or incorrect operation, the parents should take the following approach to help children to use free hand washing gel: 1, internal cleansing. Squeeze the right amount of free hands disinfection gel, and then the palm relative, put the palm and palm knead 5 - 10 times. 2, external cleaning. His hands swap places, palm rub the right hand with his left hand, left hand with right hand rub. Rub 5 - between the two 10 times. 3, clean finger clearance. Mainly in view of the clearance clean fingers, hands, fingers crossed, and then rub your back and forth between the fingers five times. 4, fingers clean. Harvest claw-like finger, another hand, surrounded by the tips of your fingers and then back rub. Rub your 5 - After 10, another hand exchange. 5, clean. Mainly is aims at the palm tiger parts clean. Thumbs up to the tiger rub 5 times. His hands alternates. 6, fingers clean. The position of the stomach, on the palm and knead for 5 - 10 times. His hands alternates. 7, if use free hand washing disinfection gel dry cleaning, washing time in about 20 seconds, if use wet cleaning, washing time had better not more than a minute. 8, wet wash hands after use directly off the tap, but parents to shut down operation, to tell their children use the elbow to close at ordinary times, in order to make sure the hand clean, again after washing clean paper. Hand washing gel can kill virus free? You can. Free hand sanitizing gel containing 75% alcohol, the alcohol is ethanol, ethanol molecules have great penetration ability, it can through the bacteria on the surface of the membrane, into the interior of the bacteria, make a bacterial protein molecular structure change of life caused by protein denaturation, Clotting protein) To have the effect of sterilization. Of life of the common pathogenic bacteria can easily destroyed, is effective to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, the viral cold, intestinal diseases, such as daily necessities, but use the gel need to wash your hands in the hand function after 5 minutes, can basically eliminate the bacteria. Still have the effect in the hand sanitizing gel expired? Hand sanitizing gel is out of date, its effective ingredients will be weakened or failure, use the disinfection effect is also less than expected. In general use hand sanitizing gel in the unopened when its effective save time for two years, but if after opening please use as soon as possible, otherwise the store too long hand sanitizing gel sterilization effect will also be discounted, general disinfectant containing alcohol shall not exceed 30 days after opening, do not contain alcohol is 60 days. 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】 Tags: free hand washing gel
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