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Do not do the right maintenance in summer, spots crawl on the face quietly how to maintain the skin in summer

by:Zanyu     2021-06-28
Summer is here, what are the skin problems that girls worry about the most? Few dots on the face would like it. In the long summer days, the sun will promote the breeding of spots, so now I prepare some pressure box OEM skin care tips for you to suppress the breeding of spots, and you must take a closer look!   Melanin is a kind of protection to the skin. We cannot live without melanin. The lack of melanin may cause many health hazards, including: albinism, tinea versicolor, vitiligo, and even skin cancer. However, if melanin is secreted too much in our body, it is possible to form stains. Melanocytes are hidden under the stratum corneum of our skin and contain melanosomes and tyrosinase. When the skin is stimulated (such as ultraviolet rays), it will stimulate the subcutaneous nerve tissue, and chemical reactions occur in the melanin body. Finally, tyrosine is converted into melanin.   There are some special conditions that can cause an abnormal increase in melanin:    1. Endocrine: Why do pregnant women develop chloasma? It is because the secretion of hormones during pregnancy stimulates the activity of melanocytes in the body;   2. Ultraviolet rays: If you don’t pay attention to sun protection, ultraviolet rays can also cause melanocytes in the body to be abnormally active;   3. Excessive secretion of tyrosinase: It may also be Causes of stain formation. All in all, if you want to solve the pigment spots caused by the excessive formation of melanin, you should start with the above two aspects:    First, pay attention to sunscreen ultraviolet radiation will stimulate the formation of melanin, so if you don’t want sunburn, you must do sunscreen work. Ok. The most direct and easiest way here is to use sunscreen. Good broad-spectrum sunscreen products can effectively avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and the formation of melanin.  Second, against the deposition of melanin  After reading the formation of melanin, let’s look at the second reason for the formation of spots, the deposition of melanin.   In fact, even if melanin is produced in the body, it will not directly form stains. One of the important conditions is that the melanin cannot be metabolized by the skin and will eventually be deposited on the surface of the skin. When the metabolism of the stratum corneum of our skin is not fast enough, the production of new melanin is greater than the metabolism of old melanin, and the skin will become darker or have spots. Therefore, if you want to remove freckles, it is to metabolize the melanin that has been deposited on the surface of the skin as soon as possible.  So, is there any way to speed up the skin's metabolism?  1. Do more massage   massage is the movement of the skin. Just like running can speed up the body's metabolism, massaging the skin is to speed up the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin. These massages can be achieved simply by hand, or with the help of some massage equipment.  2. Moisturizing    Long-term oil and acne, long-term dryness and long spots. Moisturizing is the kingly way. The water content of the stratum corneum of normal skin should reach 10%-20%, and less than 10% will cause dryness, peeling, allergies, redness and so on. So if you want your skin to be good, you must moisturize it.   Of all the moisturizing skin care products, the moisturizing effect of the facial mask is the most direct. If the skin is dry, you can increase the frequency of using the mask, but do not apply the mask for too long. Generally speaking, 15-20 minutes is appropriate.  3. Promote blood circulation    People who love exercise usually have good skin, white and red, and rarely have spots. It is because exercise can speed up the body's blood circulation and help metabolize the toxins and wastes deposited on the surface of the skin.
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