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Do you know what is the price of cosmetics processing?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-30

another way, a brand of OEM cosmetics need how many money? So first we need to know what do the need, the product cost = packaging material cost + material cost + service fee. processing range is wide, with money now summarize the two to you. Company registration, trademark registration costs

usually, company registration fee 2000 yuan, goes well five to eight days to complete the formalities. They have a relationship can be dragged relations help, no relationship directly online to find some third party agents registered company.

there are a lot of friends like registered companies in Hong Kong, Hong Kong company registered in the name of a little bit less limit, overall down to about 5000 yuan.

OEM OEM cosmetics product trademark registration fee - 1500 Around 2000, 3-5 working days to complete the formalities, the TM mark will receipt after ten working days to get the acceptance, use R mark generally it takes about one and a half years. Do OEM cosmetics only need to get a trademark to accept the electronic receipt, general needs 2 - 3 months time.

2, packaging material cost

the suppliers of different packaging materials on the requirement of quantitative is also different, generally 30000 pieces of aluminum foil bag is minimum, glass bottle is 3000 minimum, white ( Transparent) Hose 5000 minimum, colored hose 10000 minimum, 5000 minimum, carton boxes, 5000 minimum, essential oil box 5000 minimum, film 300 minimum, stickers, 5000 minimum, 5000 order shrink film. Dozens of special carton can be done.

glass bottle production time is about 45 days or so, 5 - proofing time 6 days; Aluminum foil bag and carton is generally 15 days to complete production, many factories are no aluminum foil bag and carton samples. The need to talk to professional people. Hose production time about 25 days, 7 - proofing time 10 days. Plastic bottle production time is about 20 days, proofing time is 7 - 10 days.

the above data are for reference only, specific needs and quantitative packaging material supplier communication in detail. Novice don't know how to talk about, also can be done to the cosmetics manufacturers, but the general manufacturers have to charge a value-added service charge, this is belongs to the category of the ODM.

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