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Dry and dark yellow skin? Tips for skin-beautifying and hydrating during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2021-06-02
Many pregnant mothers report that their skin is always in a dry and dark yellow state in the scorching summer, but they don't know where to start, and compare them to fully hydrate. The skin care specialist during pregnancy said that skin hydration in summer involves all aspects of skin care for pregnant women, and pregnant mothers need to master certain countermeasures. 1. Avoid using oily skin care products. Oils can act as a sebum film and reduce the evaporation of water, but greasy OEM skin care products are not necessarily more moisturizing than refreshing skin care products, and it may also increase the secretion of facial oil. To block pores or cause sensitivity, choose suitable moisturizing products and use moisturizing products to moisturize the skin, deeply moisturize the skin, and firmly lock the moisture in the skin, so that the skin is not tight. 2. Drinking plenty of water Drinking plenty of boiled water is a better and simpler skin care method. It not only speeds up the metabolism and drives the excess waste out of the body, but also keeps the moisture film on the skin's surface moisturized and elastic at any time. Get up in the morning and drink a large glass of white water first. 3. Apply an appropriate amount of lotion when your face is tight, you can apply a layer of moisturizing lotion. The moisturizing factor can lock the moisture and lose too much. Don't just spray water directly on the face and skin like watering flowers. It can't be absorbed, and it will make the face feel drier due to the evaporation of water. You can also apply a thicker lotion before going to bed at night. 4. Toner + paper mask is effective and saves money. It is not necessary to apply moisturizing mask every day. A simpler method is: pour your usual toner (soymilk nourishing softening lotion) on the paper mask and apply it to your face. Paste, relax for a minute or two, you will feel the moisture and elasticity of the skin. 5. Single-piece moisturizing facial mask. The one-piece package of facial mask saves you the trouble of using paper masks and lotion. Moreover, it is usually soaked with moisturizing essence, which is more effective than lotion. It is more effective than lotion. Water shortage is obvious. Be sure to use it. Use a moisturizing mask before makeup, the makeup effect will be better. 6. Eat moderate amounts of vegetables, fruits and fruits. All fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water. Apples, Sydney, kiwis, citrus, etc. are all hydrating and nutritious. Tomato pulp is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, which can intelligently whiten and moisturize the skin Moisturizes the skin and helps the skin to strengthen its water-locking function.   The skin moisture loss speeds up in summer, one is due to the high temperature evaporation caused by the strong sunlight, and the other is because the skin's own water-holding capacity is reduced, and there is no way to retain water well. Therefore, in summer moisturizing, we must pay more attention to the isolation and protection of the skin. Choose a special isolation cream for pregnant women to establish an effective protective film on the skin surface.
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