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Dry skin is caused by these 3 bad habits. How many of you have you hit?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-02

   In the fall, the skin begins to dry out, and the surface skin may even appear peeling and itching. The OEM skin care specialist during pregnancy said that once the skin becomes dry, mothers-to-be must consider whether their daily care habits need to be changed. Therefore, some wrong OEM skin care methods cause the skin to become dry and dry. Next, I will introduce you to five inappropriate daily maintenance habits.

  1. Use a powerful cleansing facial cleanser

  Wrong face wash will make the skin drier. Many oily skins or dry skins always favor facial cleansers with super cleansing ability, but in fact, such a cleansing method will take away a lot of oil from the skin. Especially for people with dry skin, it is too dry. It is recommended to use a mild facial cleanser or soap base. Some cleansing oils can remove facial grease without taking away moisture.

   2. The water is too hot in the bath.

  The hot steam shower can make people feel relaxed, but it can also make the skin dry and itchy. Hot water will suck the oil from your skin and dry it out. Therefore, it is better to adjust a temperature that is neither hot nor cold when taking a bath. It is also recommended to buy a humidifier indoors to help balance the humidity in the air.

  3. The order of OEM skin care is wrong.

   moisturizing is only half. For dry skin, moisturizing is also needed. Multi-step care is the key. After washing your face, you can use moisturizing essence first, and then use cream, which can moisturize your skin for a longer time. For dry skin, after cleansing, apply a nourishing and repairing beauty oil to deeply moisturize and moisturize the skin, and then apply follow-up care products.

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