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During pregnancy, the skin is so bad that there is no self-confidence, so the skin will be maintained in reverse growth!

by:Zanyu     2021-06-15

   Pregnancy is a very time when the skin encounters dangers, and OEM skin care will also encounter bottlenecks. Due to the needs of OEM skin care, pregnant mothers must not only replace skin care products, but also need to grasp the following maintenance skills.

   tips 1: Do exfoliating cleansing once or twice a week

   With age, the metabolism of the skin decreases, and the old stratum corneum cannot fall off, which affects skin absorption. Therefore, deep cleansing once or twice a week is not essential.

   Skincare Tip 2: Don’t let the cleansing products stop for time

   The cleansing bubbles are plump and full. You can enjoy the process of rubbing your face, but don’t be greedy for the fun of cleansing. It is the business to wash away the foam as soon as possible after washing your face. If the cleanser stays on the skin for a long time, it will cause secondary pollution and irritation.

   tip 3: Immediately moisturize after washing your face

   After washing your face, you must start moisturizing your homework within 3 seconds, and don’t let the skin It feels dry for a second. At this time, the pores are open, and the skin surface is rich in water content. Apply OEM skin care products quickly for better absorption.

   tips 4: try to go to bed at eleven o’clock

   ensure adequate sleep. Try not to stay up late, it is better to go to bed and get up early. Adjust your work and rest to a reasonable time period, and the impact of a normal and regular work and rest on the skin should not be underestimated.

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