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During the season, spring skin care tips

by:Zanyu     2021-04-26
In the blink of an eye, when the season is changing, the skin seems to feel the changes of the seasons. Skin allergies often occur, and various skin problems follow immediately. How to care for the skin in spring to avoid allergies? Next, Guangzhou will share with you some tips on facial skin care and maintenance to keep your skin supple and smooth in spring. Spring skin care tips 1: Wash your face with warm water not only to pay attention to the selection of skin care products, even the water temperature is also very important. When washing your face, you must master the water temperature. It should not be too hot or too cold. It is best to wash your face with warm water. Because the skin is sensitive in spring, no matter hot or cold water, it will produce bad irritation, increase the burden on the skin, make it overwhelmed, reduce its resistance, and cause skin allergies. Spring skin care tips two: stick to moisturizing. In early spring, the weather is also very dry, it is easy to carry water in the skin, so the moisturizing work can not be stopped, you can choose some pure moisturizing plant spray, often moisturize the face, the skin is healthy, it is not so sensitive . Dry skin is more sensitive and can easily cause allergies. Spring skin care tips 3: Gentle cleansing sensitive skin itself is relatively fragile, so I am afraid of irritating skin care products. Especially when buying cleaning products, such as cleansers, makeup removers, scrubs, etc., be sure to avoid products with alkaline ingredients and strong cleaning power, and try to choose gentle cleaning products that do not contain alcohol and fragrance. It is recommended to use low-foaming cleansing products, and then apply a gentle mask to perfection, such as Yaxin Anna Whitening and Moisturizing Set, which will keep your skin moisturized from time to time. Spring OEM skin care tips 4: Gentle exfoliation Sensitive skin cuticles are very thin, so you must be very careful when exfoliating. Do not overuse coarse scrub particles to rub, which will cause greater damage to sensitive skin. Therefore, when choosing exfoliating skin care products, try to avoid large-particle products, and it is not advisable to remove them frequently. It is recommended 1-2 times a month. Spring skin care tips 5: Daily moisturizing moisture accounts for about 70% of the human body. In the season of the end of winter and early spring, the skin is still very dry, and its resistance is particularly low, so we should choose products with high moisturizing degree in addition to daily care. In addition, pay attention to the use of hydrating products, so that sensitive skin can be soothed and calmed. It is recommended to choose non-additive plant-based products as much as possible to minimize skin irritation. Spring skin care tips 6: Strict protection of UV-sensitive skin must be strictly protected from external irritation to the skin, such as: ultraviolet rays, radiation and other damage. When the season changes, even if there is no sunlight, you must do a good job of sun protection. It is recommended to choose a pure natural sunscreen to resist the accidental damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and strengthen the protection measures against ultraviolet rays. Spring skin care tips seven: During the season, you should always apply a mask to ensure a certain quality of the skin. Guangzhou OEM cosmetics processing plants can be trusted. . .
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