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Each research beautiful skin: elite class cosmetics trend report

by:Zanyu     2020-10-18
Each research beautiful skin: elite class skin care products trends report recently, Tmall product innovation center again with Tmall super category, cooperation, and according to the big data ali, produced and released the facial essence category trends report, the white paper, deep insight into the essence of category consumer market present situation, the upgrading of consumption trend and problems, such as consumer portrait after about 90, 95 young consumer demand, further to business and industry. Under 30 young consumers drive consumption upgrade facial essence sales trend report showed high in nearly three years time, the expansion of the market thanks to the contribution of new consumer groups, a surge in the number of consumers has contributed 90% of sales growth. While core consumer groups for young women under the age of 30, pay attention to quality, loves fashion they became the consumption market of opinion leaders, has become the 'new generation' of skin care market. 18 - 30% of consumers aged 24 and 25 Consumers accounted for 27%, 29, la mer, Diane cosette, guerlain, estee lauder, clarins, l 'oreal Paris, AHC, OLAY eight captain brand the most affected by them. Both the la mer, estee lauder, clarins, France guerlain, OLAY, l 'oreal Paris, d cosette, AHC, each inquiry and other high-end brand essence for skin brings costly repair experience. Since there are so many skin and efficacy of essence select adapt to different women, it is no wonder that consumers have chop has been submitted to the hand. Also is driven by the main consumers, facial essence gradually towards the high-end market, they are using special consumption promoting growing consumer goods. In the 2015 - 2017 Tmall facial essence of all ages users of figure can be found that 18 Women aged 30 main group is the largest consumption, over 30 women follow their step for skin care to upgrade. On the other hand, the essence of consumption upgrade is to present two leading group. 200 - The essence and the 500-350 yuan 750 yuan of the high-end essence, accounted for 21% and 15%, respectively, to the different stages of the consumer to differentiate upgrade space. Among them, 90 consumers after stratification, 18 25 year-old female driver in the essence, 25 35 year old woman driving high-end essence. Essence market showed a trend of 'efficient' deeply into trend of scene keywords at the same time, has become a key word 'fine'. According to the report, as consumers of skincare rich knowledge and experience gradually, understand their skin and needs, choose the most appropriate item to himself became the essence of the market trend, the essence of market scenario consumption and more product portfolio using is becoming the key to the category of consumption upgrade. Data shows that major oil face acne, dry skin, aging, dark yellow and sensitive problems, such as anti-aging and solve skin dark yellow is the most effect essence products dimension. 'To help the other absorb', 'targeted effect', 'high concentrations of nutrients' has become an important drive consumers to use a kind of essence of. Data also showed that 8 of consumers on the essence and the other brands, 9 into a consumer is in essence and the effect of the other. And 25% of consumers in different seasons with different essence, to adapt to the change of external environment; 29% will use two or more different essence, at the same time to match the changes in the state of their own. The last part of the show, the white paper, such as efficient, fast, safe and durable keyword is the core of the elite category market development demands. 'Conform to the requirements of function', 'use after skin feels good' and 'public praise good brand' as the main consumers purchase consideration. 350 yuan is the essence of watershed, Europe and the United States, Japan's most popular with consumers brand, but its behind consumer demands is consistent. Disclaimer: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information. If a source tagging error or violate the legitimate rights and interests of you, the author holds the ownership certificate, please contact with this net, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you. Source: sohu
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