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Effective and healthy slimming-Guangzhou cosmetics processing factory

by:Zanyu     2021-04-25
How to lose weight, young girls and mature women have thousands of questions in their hearts. For example, all the female stars are drying food and telling stories about losing weight tomorrow, but the fact is that they weigh no more than 90 Jin...How can we thin into thin slices? How can I control my mouth and open my legs? How can I lose weight healthily? ...Too many questions, too many answers, and the whole person is messed up. So here comes the MM full-time answering questions! The Guangzhou cosmetics processing factory has compiled a plan that not only burns fat, but also exercises healthily, hoping to bring more enlightenment to everyone.   One at home     1, be diligent in cleaning      Is it always busy and sweaty every time you suck and wipe the floor? That's because every 15 minutes of cleaning will consume 40 cal of your calories. And deep cleaning (such as making the floor spotless or making the bathroom look like a brand new one) can burn 250 cal per hour. 2. It is indeed a great pleasure to stand up and stretch out in TV commercials, and to relax comfortably in a sofa chair, but don’t be busy eating snacks and drinks even during commercials. Instead, stand up and exercise your muscles and do gymnastics. Make the body less rigid.    3. Listen to your favorite music     It’s of course the most enjoyable to be able to broadcast it with stereo, but if you live with your family, you can also wear headphones and sway with the rhythm of the music. In addition to making your body move, this is also a great help in adjusting your mood!   Second time at work    1, standing and doing things    Many office workers have to work at their desks all day long, but who says they must sit down? If you are sore all over sitting, it is better to stand up! As a result, it can consume 35 calories per hour.    2, even if you have to sit, sit upright.      If you cannot stand by the nature of your job, you can only sit, then you must have the correct sitting posture. Raise your chest, straighten your waist, and tuck your stomach inward. In this way, you won't develop the habit of hunched back, and you can consume 10 calories per hour! 3. Swing your shoulders, necks and arms. Swing your shoulders, turn your head to the left and right, and swing your arms (of course the part below the shoulder, not just the elbow). These actions can relieve your tightness for a long time. Stretch your shoulders, move your joints, and increase your softness.    4. Raise your legs under the seat     If you are worried about being too conspicuous and will be stared at by others, the editor of OEM OEM cosmetics recommends that you hide your legs under the desk. Straighten your legs, and then slowly raise them to the horizontal line. When your legs start to feel sore, then let them go, repeating the cycle.     Three on the way to and from get off work      1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator       Don’t be tempted by elevators or escalators, choose to take the stairs when there are stairs! Every 12 stairs can burn 5 cal, which may not sound like a lot, but the accumulation is quite impressive!    2, walking or riding a bicycle instead of riding a bicycle.      30 minutes of riding a bicycle can consume 65 cal of energy, and 30 minutes of walking can consume 70 cal of energy. If you are not far away, these two modes of transportation are quite healthy and environmentally friendly options.    3, pad your toes while waiting for a traffic light or take a ride.      Pad your toes to strengthen your calf muscles, improve edema, and promote metabolism. When commuting by transportation, hold the back of the chair or pull the ring bar to maintain your balance, padded your toes and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds, and then relax. You can repeat it several times, and don't forget to face your body in the direction of travel so that your center of gravity will not be unstable. In this kind of aerobic exercise, if you can put on the mask again, use OEM skin care products, take good care of it, and enjoy it slowly, this kind of life is really moisturizing. Next, MM will give you common sense of OEM cosmetics, so that you will no longer be overwhelmed by cosmetics.
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