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Effectively resolve various skin problems during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2020-10-30

as the weather became cold and dry, cause many pregnant mother thinning hair falls off, split lips peeling, rough hands such as bark, the feet dry crack problems emerge in endlessly, have wanted to double tenth in during a stockpiling enough in the skin care products. Sex is pregnant mother choose to protect skin to taste the first principle, for autumn/winter below the hair, lips, hands, feet, the four major aspects of skin care products recommended.

hair article: soybean milk nourishing shampoo

autumn winter climate become very dry, the hair also. Hair because of a lack of nutrition during pregnancy are more likely to become open fork, bleak, short-tempered lack soft feeling. At this point, for hair care, will pay more attention to. Correct hair care during pregnancy, pregnant women must choose special shampoos, pregnancy skin care brand research and development of soybean milk nourishing shampoo, natural raw materials extraction arrogant, more secure. In addition, rich in soybean milk nourish protein and vitamin, can be added to the hair nutrition, fushun dry hair dry, reproduce healthy luster, listed for many years has reaped millions of word-of-mouth praise.

lip piece: natural beeswax lip balm

a little lips peach blossom Yin, lodge bun Huan makeup of attraction, the beauty of a woman in a cloud bun, in face-physick out, red something a bit more on the lips. Pregnant mother can't lipstick, but keep the water embellish surplus light can also appearance level points. Lips without corneous layer, the water maintenance ability is bad, dry climate in fall under siege, easy to make lips excessive water loss, and even cracked. At this point, more should pay attention to the lips moisturizing and locking water. Correct lip during pregnancy, pregnant mother should choose the lip balm without excitant, colorless, smooth times protect a lip balm contains beeswax, butter blended lipid composition such as nature, the nature, is a can eat OEM cosmetics, nourishing repair, day and night can relieve dry, fade lip lines, carry bright lip plumpness, make double lip water embellish.

armguard article: rice tender hand cream

a pair of soft and smooth hand, can show a woman's delicate. But in the fall, a lot of pregnant mother hand began to become dry, rough skin. Can't sell makeup to cover up the hand tend to be more easy to age, skin aging, so hand care is imperative. After washing hands quickly hand cream, daub can inject sufficient nutrients for hand, improve pregnancy hand agnail dead skin, pore bulky, hand the appearance of fine lines, color of skin dark heavy rough, dry, and so on. Such as rice tender nourish hand cream, rich in a variety of natural nourishing ingredients, can deeply moisturize, relieve skin dryness, helping hand skin restore elasticity, help pregnant mama on the guarantee of building a pair of ice jade hand muscle.

spats article: goat's milk body

don't think that the foot can hide all day in shoes, the heel in autumn winter season is easy to crack, not good nursing will cause irreversible ageing, serious walking. In the dry fall break, pregnant mother want to do a swaying autumn beauty, a pair of white and tender foot care is indispensable, do foot moisturizing also is especially important. In the morning and evening, daub up the mountain goats milk body, especially the heel at the legs can penetrate into the skin, complete cells inside and outside repair, help pregnant mother to raise water embellish smooth foot care, skin care during pregnancy is the beauty of the muscle.

according to various skin problems during pregnancy, with rice, soybeans and other foods nature as the basic raw material, launched a lip balm, hand cream, body lotion, shampoo, skin care products, such as all-round meet the pregnant mother skin care needs, fearless and dry, do a water tender beauty beauty from head to toe.

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