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Enlarged skin pores? The four 'anti-pores' get up and how to deal with large skin pores

by:Zanyu     2021-07-02

   Enlarged pores is a fatal injury to many beauty lovers, including pregnant mothers. Looking at the large pores on his face, I am embarrassed to have close contact with my dear. Obviously, large pores are the self-confidence killer of many women. The skin of pregnant women is more fragile and sensitive, and is more susceptible to damage, so they are more likely to have large pores. So what to do if pregnant women have large pores? If you want to have a delicate and smooth skin, pregnant women need to work hard to maintain their skin. First of all, we must distinguish the causes of enlarged pores, and secondly, counter the symptomatic pores.

   keratin type enlarged pores

   this type of enlarged pores is often caused by poor keratin metabolism on the surface of the skin, which causes the keratin to clog the pores, and even the aged keratin may fall into the pores. It fuses with the sebum in the pores to form a solid, and then slowly accumulates to enlarge the pores, making the pores larger or even darker after comparison. Enlarged keratinous pores often occur on oily skin.

   Anti-hole strategy: Pay attention to facial cleansing and exfoliate regularly

   Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the cleansing of the facial skin, morning and evening with pregnant women's facial cleanser such as soy milk nourishing cleanser to clean the face Skin, and insist on exfoliating regularly. Pregnant mothers should choose mild maternity exfoliating products such as rice exfoliating and brightening gel, which is harmless and can effectively remove old dead skin cells and improve large pores caused by keratin accumulation.

   dehydrated large pores

   dehydrated large pores are manifested by large pores on both sides of the nose, which is caused by less skin moisture and sebum. This kind of thick pores is more obvious because the skin is insufficiently hydrated and moisturized. When the skin is dehydrated, the cuticle of the pores will become thinner, so that the pores will expand and become obvious.

   Anti-hole strategy: Strengthen skin moisturizing

  Pregnant mothers should do adequate skin moisturizing work, moisturizer, essence, cream or The lotion can't be done without one step. In addition, conditional pregnant mothers should insist on applying a moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week. Soymilk moisturizing mask is a good choice for pregnant mothers, deeply moisturizing, strong moisturizing, and comprehensively wipe out dry skin.

  Aging-type large pores

   This type of pores is mostly narrow, straight or like water droplets. This is due to the increase in age, collagen and elastin in the body Gradually damaged, it becomes more and more difficult to support the skin, so that the skin around the pores is loose and sunken.

   Anti-hole strategy: supplement more collagen

   Pregnant mothers can eat more collagen-rich foods such as trotters, fish skin, etc., to enhance skin elasticity and improve factors Enlarged pores due to aging skin. Of course, pregnant mothers can also choose oral collagen supplements that are popular on the market, but they must pay attention to the quality to avoid harming the health of the fetus.

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