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Experts in cosmetics processing plants teach you how to distinguish cosmetics with added substances

by:Zanyu     2021-05-10
The term cosmetic dependence is now being spread more and more popular, 'dependence' is a neutral word, and the synonymous word is relying on and relying on. However, people often use it as a derogatory term, such as dependence on certain cosmetic products; quite a few people question their use of certain cosmetics, the effect is very good when they use it, and they will be restored to the original state immediately after they stop using it. You will mistakenly believe that this product is dependent, and you will not dare to use it if you feel it is not safe. But shouldn't the role of OEM cosmetics be like this? When using cosmetics, the skin condition becomes better due to the addition of moisture and nutrients to the skin. But this is not done once and for all. With the increase of age, the skin needs more and more energy and the frequency will become higher and higher, so the use of OEM cosmetics will become more and more frequent. It's like plants need more and more water as they grow. If you don't water them, the plants will die. Does this mean that plants are also dependent on water? Some cosmetics add luster minerals such as mica, which can give the skin a slight radiance. After stopping, the skin will feel dull and dull. People also feel that this product makes the skin dependent. In fact, the addition of this substance pursues a make-up effect, and the skin will not absorb it. The principle is the same as when you use blush. Would you say that you are dependent on blush? Of course, the reliance is only the vast majority, but not all of them. Some products that pursue fast effects add prohibited ingredients to make the skin condition change quickly. It is easy for everyone to become obsessed with this skin sensation, but once you stop using it, it will be different. Kind of skin problems are coming. Some people even use hormone ointments for a long time. After stopping, the skin will have erythema, papules, dry desquamation, atrophy, atrophic lines, telangiectasia, purpura, acne, abnormal pigmentation, etc. If you use it again, These symptoms are alleviated, and if you stop using it, the cost will become worse and the dosage will become larger and larger. This phenomenon is called hormone-dependent dermatitis. In some cases, the illegal addition of lead, mercury and other ingredients causes the skin to turn white quickly, but the consequences are not only skin problems, but also body organs. The gains outweigh the losses. To judge whether there is dependence on cosmetics, my understanding is that if you stop using it and restore it to the original state, it is not regarded as dependence. If you have various messy and terrifying skin conditions after stopping, you are dependent, and you should see a doctor for treatment in time. However, this will not happen to the Yaxin Anna Anti-Wrinkle Factor series box. All in all, only drugs and medicines can easily make people dependent. For cosmetics that take effect very quickly, everyone should pay more attention to the fact that the skin is not a chemical reaction agent, and it is easily damaged and irreparable. There are many ways to classify products of Guangzhou OEM cosmetics factory. The specific standards for viscosity classification are as follows: No viscosity (viscosity less than 0.1Pa.s), such as: non-viscosity water agent, oil, etc.; lower viscosity (viscosity between 0.1 -3Pa.s), such as: face paste, lotion, original liquid, essence, etc.; low viscosity (viscosity between 3-10Pa.s), such as: essence, lotion, shower gel, shampoo, etc.; medium viscosity (viscosity Between 10-25Pa.s), such as: emulsion, essence, etc.; higher viscosity (viscosity between 25-40Pa.s), such as: a state between milk and cream; high-viscosity products (viscosity greater than 40Pa .s), such as: cream, cleansing cream, facial mask cream, massage cream, etc.
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