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Expired to protect skin to taste how to recycle

by:Zanyu     2020-10-30

women are emotional impulse, for women, love once shopping, always like to buy a few bottles for the use of skin care products and OEM cosmetics, but if you buy more, but have some time with has expired. Expires in skin care products, cosmetics, many people would waste, but actually expired to protect skin to taste, can learn to use the same play its value, then introduce you to a few common skin care products use methods.

toner: toning lotion can be used to clean the mirror, dresser, table, ceramic tile, smoke lampblack machine, etc. Moisture can be used to maintain leather shoes, leather bags, leather sofa, etc.

emulsion: nutrition nails and hair. With small make up cotton dips in full emulsion on the nails, take off after 15 minutes, can promote the growth of the nails and bright; Wash hair hind wipe emulsion on the hair, prevent split ends and soft hair.

creams: in addition to wipe their hands and feet, besmear is on hair conditioner can be substituted; Used to care leather effect is also very good. Expired creams besmear is on leather purse, leather handbags, leather shoes, leather sofa, has the effect of maintaining leather, and is suitable for all sorts of color of leather products. It is important to note that don't use a whitening effect.

cleanser: used to wash hands, wash feet, shaving cream, or when the cleaner scrub collar, sleeves, travel, etc.

shampoo, detergent, collar net can be used as a wool products. Because the shampoo contains hair softener, can make the sweater wool products such as soft fragrance; Can also wash collars, cap, pillow towel, etc and hair close contact with clothing.

the mask: used to clean shoes, brush after stay dry you will find that the shoes is brighter than before. Because the mask will be in his shoes when dry to form a layer of protective film on the surface, protect the surface of the shoe.

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