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Export alcohol hand sanitizer dangerous package certificate how to deal with?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-01
First alcohol hand sanitizer products are three kinds of dangerous goods, export to dangerous packages. Whether by sea or by air. Is to need to dangerous package card. Dangerous goods booking need English version MSDS, this should be a lot of factory can provide, but dangerous package certificate is not necessarily true. UN1170 alcoholic products, CLASS3 class of dangerous goods, belong to flammable liquid. The right name ( Chinese) Ethanol (: Alcohol) (or ethanol solution Alcohol solution) The right name ( English) :乙醇( ETHYL ALCOHOL) 或乙醇溶液( 乙醇溶液) Packaging categories: Ⅱ Ⅲ this basically is to see the product packaging category flash point, flash point is lower than 23 degrees commonly is II class wrapping, greater than 23 degrees is class III packaging. Factory do dangerous package certificate before, need to be ready classification appraisal report, this report is to tell you the UN category of this product, as well as packaging performance, this is packing factory. Factory according to the import and export inspection and quarantine to apply for a crisis to package. But there is a premise to the factory have relevant inspection qualification, otherwise also can't apply for dangerous packages. Dangerous package license application, also need to pay attention to is by air or by sea. Both dangerous package certificate is not the same. This can't go wrong. Dangerous package card is dealt with in the process needs to be done in a few places, small make up detailed comb for everyone: 1, the local inspection and quarantine bureau to declare the goods country of origin including sign the official seal. 2, send a few samples to subordinate to the local chemical industry research institute for testing. 3, to the enterprise local entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection JuBan the entry and exit of goods packaging performance test results form. To deal with the basic process of dangerous package certificate: the filing deliver completed inspection - - - - application issue the test report - ShenJian - qualified his. Concrete process is: the nature of the product according to your actual packing case to each manufacturer to provide the law of the People's Republic of China on the entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau outbound goods transport packaging performance test results form, production enterprise of export dangerous goods declaration requirements as a legal person signature build official seal, the exit of dangerous goods packaging felt check list ( The company ') Build official seal, sign a copy of the purchase and sale contract with the buyer, apply to the commodity inspection bureau for inspection unsafe packages use form, according to the inspection bureau releases a series of procedures through can be dangerous package certificate above said MSDS and dangerous package certificate ready can find ship company booking, nansha port exports, there is no problem here. You then need to ask what data need to be abroad, need ready in advance, such as for now the consignee need you to provide the CE certificate in Europe, the United States of consignee need you to provide the FDA, and so on. These needs and the consignee to confirm ahead of time, the customs on the Chinese side is not needed, so there is no question of exports. Tags: alcohol hand sanitizer dangerous packages
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