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Export disposable alcohol hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-24
Alcohol liquid detergent and washing your hands free export declaration need what information and conditions? Due to the outbreak of several materials contain alcohol, so and masks the export formalities in the information and conditions of the above, is not exactly the same, let's see together: according to the relevant provisions on the administration of China, the alcohol content of more than 24% ethanol solution were classified as dangerous goods series, it is not hard to see as long as it is alcohol content is more than 24% of products are dangerous goods, must according to the rules of the international air transport of dangerous goods for export with the international maritime dangerous goods regulations. Hand sanitizer of customs supervision conditions for customs supervision conditions AB, namely to respectively to prepare the goods declaration form of entry and exit, the HS legal inspection and quarantine conditions for M/N, namely to import inspection and export. Disinfectant export what data to need? 1. Transportation appraisal report: chemical research institute issued by the shipping company usually require customers to provide transportation certificates issued by the third party inspection institutions, to prove whether the goods is dangerous goods. 2. Product specifications to production enterprises or enterprises to provide customs declaration, must provide the information to the customs or commodity specification, this paper mainly introduces the transportation of goods name, chemical name, formula, physical and chemical properties, and the production and operation enterprises build official seal. 3. MSDS chemical safety specifications production enterprise or business operator shall provide the MSDS ( MaterialSafetyDataSheet) , namely chemical safety specifications, can also be understood as the chemical safety technical specifications or chemical safety data specification. Chemical manufacturers and importers use MSDS to clarify the physical and chemical properties of chemicals, Such as PH value, flash point, flammable, reactivity, etc. ) , later will give the consumer health, Such as cancer, birth defects, etc. ) 。 May do what harm the file specified. Mainly provide other important safety information, including: resources, time, fill out a form of filling department, data audit unit, etc. 4. Certificate of dangerous goods packaging production enterprises or business operator shall provide the dangerous goods packing list to the shipping company, the need to provide certificate of dangerous goods packaging ( Conventional barrels, carton, etc. ) , tank inspection certificate ( Cylinder) , box ( 柜) , classification society inspection certificate ( In bulk containers) And so on, to show that the packaging is in conformity with IMDG transportation rules. How to export alcohol disinfection disinfectant, disinfectant isopropyl alcohol, such as disinfection disinfection wet towel materials are dangerous goods, according to dangerous goods for export, but many manufacturers in trouble on the handle dangerous certification, the products can actually be able to deal with dangerous prove, if there is no way to find agents, agents. Specific requirements are as follows: 1. Active ingredients of non-prescription drugs must have the ready-made otc drug monograph, enterprise use, the active ingredient must meet the requirements of the otc drug monograph or the drug will to over-the-counter drugs application; For washing your hands free fluid containing alcohol, the United States has a corresponding otc drug monograph, as long as the alcohol conform to the stipulations of the monograph, the goods is without approved by FDA for marketing. 2. Over-the-counter drugs manufacturers or import and export unit must be in the FDA's site registration, and outside the enterprises in the United States, the United States agent must entrust agency FDA registration address. 3. Apply for over-the-counter national drug code ( NDA, NationalDrugCode) 4. Companies must list all over-the-counter drugs to the U. S. market, and in the United States food and drug administration ( FDA) Backup, and the FDA to in June and December is updated at least twice a year. 5. Over-the-counter drugs label must meet the corresponding requirement for label. 6. Factory must meet the pharmaceutical production and management of the dynamic specification ( CGMP) The provisions of the.
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