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Face film allergy causes and solutions

by:Zanyu     2020-10-16
Face film allergy causes and solution of problems appeared in the process of using in the mask, such as a sudden up blain blain, redness, itching, that is the issue of face film, actually understand the basic knowledge of the skin, to know the real reason. Use face film allergy causes and solutions. Skin allergy is very normal phenomenon, usually appear in several cases. 1, rarely used cosmetics; 2, long-term use of a brand of cosmetics, skin care products have a changing process of; 3, sensitive skin itself; 4, before used hormone products; 5, mask too long, usually 10 - - 20 minutes, time is too long can lead to allergic skin oxygen deficiency; 6, continuous use, skin nutrition reach saturation, skin absorb nutrition won't lead to excess. Skin feel stabbing pain treatment: tingling is our face severe water shortages or invisible wounds caused by, so must stop when feel tingling, every other day to apply again. Slight redness, or itching process: first to stop using all cosmetics, and then use cold water apply face 10 - in the refrigerator - 3-15 minutes, a day Four times, basic will one day solve the problem. Long blain blain of treatment: the first is the skin itself has blain blain the incubation period, when the essence of the mask is absorbed accelerate the metabolism of blain blain, actually is a good thing. After the mature, blain blain eliminate pus point will be good. Additionally one kind is self absorbed by skin, the skin long blain is don't have to worry about. Facial swelling reason: this is a used product effect, therefore particularly sensitive, and apply face film too long will be a bit swollen, so don't need to worry too much. Slightly swollen available banana puree apply face, every time 15 minutes, even for 3 days, a little serious can add a single astemizole grind into powder in banana puree is 10 - 15 minutes, once a day, not more than three days.
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