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Factors affecting cosmetic processing costs

by:Zanyu     2021-04-20
1. The internal quality must first define the positioning and sales channels of the products to be processed. For example, line cosmetics or daily chemical line OEM cosmetics. Daily chemical line products generally go through e-commerce channels and micro-commerce channels, while line products are aimed at beauty salons, which have different positioning and different quality requirements. Generally speaking, the price of internal materials of daily chemical products will be slightly lower, while the price of internal materials of products is relatively high. 2. There are two types of packaging materials for the quality of packaging materials, inner packaging materials and outer packaging materials. The inner packaging materials are generally glass bottles, plastic bottles, hoses, etc., and the outer packaging materials are generally paper packaging boxes. Customers can also provide internal and external packaging materials by themselves. They only need the OEM cosmetics factory to process and produce internal materials, and then fill the packaging. 3. The minimum order quantity, whether it is the order quantity or the quantity of packaging materials, has the problem of the minimum order quantity. Mass production can save labor costs and reduce mechanical loss costs. So if the quantity is small, the processing price will be higher. If the OEM cosmetics processing order is large, the factory will give a certain discount. 4. Other cosmetics processing fees, factory processing station service fees, product inspection fees, filing fees, etc. In addition, some brands provide their own mature formulas for the processing methods selected by customers. This involves whether the factory needs to reorder raw materials, and the time cost will increase, which will affect the cost of cosmetic processing.
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