Zanyu skin care manufacturer's mission is to build the first platform for the export OEM skin care brands in China.The main service: OEM skin care,OEM cosmetics,private label skin care products.

Factory Introduction

Manufacturer Of Cosmetics For Infants And Children

Our desire for excellence has created a full range of baby and child daily chemicals manufacturing factory. We are your partner. Our legal person has experienced skin care knowledge, and our engineers have more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of skin care products for mothers and infants. Our commitment to quality, integrity, consistency and customer service is commendable. Traditional business values, together with new cGMP computer management technology and experienced and knowledgeable employees, make our products competitive.

Major Manufacturing Equipment


Status Of Main Equipment

New Manufacturing Workshop: The production workshop is divided into washing workshop, skin care workshop and powder workshop, which can input raw materials quantitatively to produce high-quality products.


Production equipment: There are 16 emulsifying pots with production capacity ranging from 50KG to 2000KG, which can fully meet the production needs of different customers.


Water Purification System

Combining reverse osmosis (RO) with electrolytic ion exchange device (EDI) system, purified water close to ultrapure water is produced. It has an independent water treatment workshop, a reverse osmosis water equipment which produces 6 tons of pure water per hour, and then extracts the pure water in the middle position through the -+, - electrode through the -+, - electrode.


Raw Material Measurement System

Through the automatic management of raw material measurement, we can improve the efficiency of measurement work, and at the same time, we can strengthen the traceability of batch measurement.


Packaging Equipment

Dual-end automatic filling machine: Compared with manual filling, it greatly improves work efficiency and labor intensity, and is suitable for mass order production.


Vertical and horizontal filling machines: suitable for small batches of products requiring fine production. They can flexibly change production to meet customer needs.


Powder filler: Separate powder product equipment, through spiral feeding, accurate control of powder product net content.

One Million Dollars + Reasons for Choosing Zanyu

We are committed to providing the safest and most effective products for the market, providing customers with the best quality and most convenient cosmetic solutions, to ensure that we can do this, is a strict test and quality control standards! We have invested more than one million dollars. Our QC laboratory has a series of impressive quantitative and qualitative analysis instruments and a team of analytic chemists. The testing process runs through the whole process of product development, production and filling, thus ensuring the consistency and stability of the final product effect.

Standard test items include

We are also constantly adjusting and optimizing these testing procedures
so that you can have high-quality products that are ahead of the market.

Enterprise Mission

Our mission is to create the first platform for the export of baby skin care products in China, to provide customers with the most cost-effective and influential products, to provide green, natural and safe daily necessities for mothers all over the world, and to provide the most meticulous care and caring care for children all over the world.

We look forward to your visit to Guangzhou Zanyu Cosmetics Factory.

Today, we have developed into a large cosmetics company with an area of 30,000 square meters, annual capacity of 30,000 tons, passed ISO 22716 international standards, strictly implemented GMC standards, SGS standards, and registered with FDA in the United States. If you want to visit our factory, please click the button below, and a special manager will contact you.

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