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Fall pregnant women skin care can never forget these four things

by:Zanyu     2020-11-06

after the autumnal equinox, the typhoon hit, the southern regions appeared widespread temperatures plummet, autumn will be thick. That fall, expectant mothers season should be how to maintain the skin?

1。 Clean

face looks be like simple, but it is less simple, wash well can be more and more young, wash well, use protect skin to taste more to no avail. So, exactly how to wash?

first of all, autumn skin not dry, and itchy, so be sure to avoid cleanser clean ability is too strong, otherwise it will damage the skin, allergic phenomenon. Choose a mild cleanser cleaning, injured in c, first, and then focus on the main clean T area, in two buccal gently take a good! Recommended dry skin pregnant mother using soybean milk nourish cleanser, oily and mixed skin hydrating bright white rice noodles milk.

2。 Skin nutrition necessary for

change garments according to the skin has get used to that, so skin condition is a mess, but this time don't be panic, better is compensatory nutrition to skin, intensive care. First of all, give the skin some activation, nourish and repair work, proper skin, make skin more quickly adapt to the autumn weather.

3。 Autumn moisturizing is key

skin appears in autumn temper is normal, the first is peeling, inflammation, dry! A series of questions, so be sure to do a good job moisturizing. Isolation of sensitive things first, and then to do well for the skin moisturizing secret nursing, improve the skin cutin cell gap of moisture barrier, increase the defense capabilities.

4。 Prevent bask in work is as important as

intense summer sun, uv pervasive, to prevent bask in work, of course. But with the autumn coming, the power of the sun slowly become smaller, prevent bask in work is equally important to oh, suggested that mothers usually after to do a good job of cleaning, hydrating, isolate the ultraviolet ray special pregnant women use segregation frost, dust, such as damage to the skin, protect skin, also should eat more at ordinary times food is beautiful skin OEM skin care.

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