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Fall pregnant women skin care tips hydrating is the key

by:Zanyu     2020-11-05

filling water is going to do all the year round, moisture is insist, always give our skin enough moisture to the skin water shortage phenomenon, so don't wait for the skin water scarcity to think of filling water. After the beginning of autumn climate is dry, low humidity of the air, easy to cause the skin lacks water, thus more need to pay special attention to replenish water, to keep skin moist. So what fall pregnant women OEM skin care tips?

face softening

for facial skin cleaning autumn, perfect health food remind that must be addressed. Clean can take away are attached to the dirt on the skin dirt effectually, discharge makeup residue, dredge pores, plus 5 - Ten minutes of massage, can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, make skin breathe more freely, also can effectively reduce the generation of acne, blackhead. After washing a face, massage, and then apply some convergence make up water, more helps to refine pores, keep skin moisture.

use cream

cream texture lipotropy sex is strong, and can add corneous layer of phospholipids, make muscle table more supple full. So, no matter how several road maintenance procedure, don't forget to use lotion to seal moisture and nutrients, so as to lock the nutrients for the skin in the autumn.

the mask care

autumn dry air, cause huge loss of skin moisture, appear more dry, water and oil balance, toxins out not smooth, so as to cause skin problems such as complexion dark. According to these situation, perfect health advice, before going to bed can apply on a piece of bean milk silk mask, can in a relatively short period of time for the skin filling water, make skin enjoy moisturizing, mask care 2 - a week Three times.

enhance hydrating

in the fall is no hot summer heat, but due to the air is dry, skin moisture to evaporate easily and become drier, so must strengthen the hydrating, maintain water oil balance of skin, because skin water and oil, so as to effectively reduce imbalances caused by a variety of skin problems.


autumn arrival, causing dry skin have to face a tight situation, so we must strengthen protect wet, besides choosing moisturizing products, but also appropriate use of OEM skin care products, in order to better replenishing water for skin, firmly lock the moisture in the skin, and not tight.

sun care

although autumn sunshine is not so diabolical, but is prevented bask in this step is indispensable, even without the sun, our skin will potentially damage from ultraviolet rays, thus prevent basking in is compulsory course for each season to do. Advice, not only to apply sunscreen before going out, but also bring other sunscreen tool, as far as possible avoid ultraviolet erosion.

night nursing

go out during the day it is hard to avoid ultraviolet light, air, dust, and with the residue left after makeup makeup, will adhere to the skin surface, clogged pores, can cause blackheads, acne, acne, etc. , so at night must will thoroughly clean the face, especially cosmetic products must be stripped clean, dredge pores, to smooth out toxins, keep skin refreshing, clean.

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