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Fall pregnant women the five step of skin care tips to keep the water embellish beauty muscle

by:Zanyu     2020-11-05
Autumn is coming, the weather is not so hot. For the dry season, autumn pregnant mother's skin will become dry, there will be a tight feeling, this is to remind the pregnant mother skin should notice to maintain the skin. The following recommendations for you fall pregnant women skin care tips, and how to keep the water embellish skin autumn. A moisturizing, timely, excessive water loss after the autumn, the climate is dry, low air humidity, skin water loss is difficult to avoid, so more need to pay special attention to replenish water, to keep skin moist. With autumn temperature difference is big, hot and cold weather makes skin resistance drops, vulnerable to bacterial infections. Fall pregnant woman OEM skin care in a timely manner, therefore, the skin with enough moisture the skin excessive water loss, is pregnant women raise colour beauty of more basic and primary measures. Second, mildly clean avoid stimulate skin seasons, pregnant mother is better in the summer to wash extra-tough cleanser away, to switch to a mild cleanser, such as soybean milk cleanser, purpose is to avoid wash oil for the skin. In addition, the choice has the density of foam cleaning products is one of the ways to reduce stimulation. Number three, peels to proper uv damage skin, aging cutin piled up to cause skin dull, chamfer formally on the agenda at this time, clear texture chaos of the aged cutin, epidermis melanin metabolism also dropped, acne slow accumulation, half summer FKK equal to solve. But don't because at that time the impatient and excessive cutin, otherwise it will stimulate the inflammation. 1 - as long as a week - 2 times ( Oily skin can be more number of cutin, dry skin once a week and a half times is enough) Slower, winter days after cutin accumulated gradually, to reduce once a week is enough. Four, moisturizing essence to supplement the toner after inadequate strength of the emulsion may have felt alone, cream my face is feeling too fat, this time you might as well use soymilk moisturizing essence relates to both! Water quality of moisture essence can hold water in great quantities, but do not add burden to the skin again, use make up water is more useful than just. Five, don't change immediately to protect skin to taste the change garments according to the season, most of the pregnant mother rush to clean up their own dresser. In fact, early autumn busy don't change of pregnant women to protect skin to taste. Because change garments according to the climate change is frequent, close contact with the outside world skin is difficult to adapt to the regulation, should be gradually replaced the pregnant woman to protect skin to taste, observe the changes of skin. Suggest you pregnant mother, every night before bed, to do a simple mask, so that can remove residues in the dirt on the face, and shrink pores, compare and then coated with skin care products, so that the skin can repair well. In addition, beauty sleep is very important for pregnant mother, so compare to sleep before 11 o 'clock in the evening, evening 10 o 'clock to five o 'clock in the morning, is the skin repair itself ability is stronger, and only during sleep is more effective.
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