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Five common misunderstandings of pregnant women's skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-24

   For beauty and maintenance, some of the beauty habits that people take for granted in life, in fact, many of them are not incorrect, especially for mothers. If you stick to the common maintenance misunderstandings in life, it will aggravate the skin. So let’s take a look at the five common misunderstandings of pregnant women's OEM skin care.

  Misunderstanding 1:

  Using a basin to wash your face, most people are accustomed to using a brain basin to wash their face, but they don’t know that this is bad for the skin. Not to mention whether the washbasin is clean or not, just talk about the wash water in it, after the interaction between hands and face, it becomes more and more muddy, and it ends in uncleanness after comparison.

   is far better than washing your face with running water with your hands: first scrub your hands clean, and then wash your face with your hands.

  Misunderstanding 2:

   Swallowing more water every day, the skin will no longer be dry Drinking more water is indeed very beneficial to promote the body's metabolism and eliminate toxins in the body. But this is not the fundamental solution to skin problems. The skin cannot directly absorb water molecules. Therefore, the effect of drinking water on the skin will not be as one's hope: moisturizing and shiny.

   Therefore, if you want to have good skin, you must resort to skin care products for pregnant women during pregnancy.

  Misunderstanding 3:

  Using baby skin care products to take care of adult skin. Generally people think that baby's facial cream is nutritious and non-irritating. To use. In fact, the skin conditions of babies and adults are quite different. The skin of babies is richer in collagen, so their skin appears delicate and fragile. However, after adulthood, as the skin ages, it needs to be supplemented with necessary nutrition, and the baby cream happens to lack nutrition.

  Misunderstanding 4:

  Neck is rarely taken care of. Many people put too much attention on the face, thus neglecting the care of the neck, but they don’t know the beautiful neck. Let you add more color. Normally, the neck is affected by the pollution of OEM cosmetics, sand, and hair oil. If it is not taken care of, it will affect pregnant women.

  Misunderstanding 5:

   Wiping your face frequently can have beautiful skin. In fact, if you often wipe your face with a towel, especially the skin prone to acne, it can only increase the secretion of the skin. Promote the growth of acne; the correct way is to wash your face with massage.

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