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Foam hand sanitizer to use? What is the principle of bubble?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-01
A, foam hand sanitizer principle is what foam hand sanitizer, compared with ordinary hand sanitizer in function and with innovative concept breakthrough. Simple say the bubble is rich, direct pressure out of the bubble is, can is the disposable some needs washing. This kind of foam hand sanitizer to clean up and save water, is clean and well flushing. Its principle is to make the air bottle with special device and mix foaming agent. Seen no fire fighting foam gun, middle school must be done an experiment, prolapse of the note to the gas flow of gone with the wind, because the fluid has decompression effect, bubble gun is a common point, among many outside with a side hole, foaming agent from a set of intermediate gush out of date, because the air pressure is reduced, a large number of air suction come in from the side, mixing, produce bubbles. Second, the advantages of the foam hand sanitizer, please hand sanitizer: 1, easy to use: the pump head is extrude bubbles, save touch water scrub foaming process. 2, the dosage of savings: each use is half of the normal dosage of hand sanitizer. 3, double efficacy: sparkling directly, not easy to drop, make full use of the effective ingredients in foam, greatly improving the clean, in addition to bacteria, moisturizing effect. Three, foam hand sanitizer which good? Foam hand sanitizer's main function is to play the role of clean skin, some specific ingredients can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization. Such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, etc. , but fake products washed the skin damage is bigger rival instead, so for supplies goods must look for the influential brand, focus on quality, resist counterfeit. First of all, in fact, what brand is not important, the function of hand sanitizer is clean and protect the health of hand skin, so as long as the small PH value is equal to choose 7 neutral or weak acid liquid soap ( Clean and also to ensure that the skin will not make the skin produces by excessive clean dry) 。 Second, see if mark is complete, such as presence of producer name and address, paying special attention to whether there is a standard number. Although the hand sanitizer, there is no unified national standards, but the country does not allow no standard production, so each production enterprise shall establish enterprise standards, and note the enterprise standard on the packaging, to ensure product quality. Finally, notice the content that is hand sanitizer itself, smell stink, pungent odor, etc. If you have could be a shelf-life disabled or is the use of the raw material, it is best not to buy and use. Observing presence of layered or oil-water separation phenomenon, such as have indicates emulsification process without good control during the production, will affect the washing effect. Tags: foam hand sanitizer
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