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Four steps to get the knowledge of mixed skin care during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2021-06-08
Women who have a mixed skin type themselves have more skin problems and skin care challenges after entering pregnancy than other pregnant mothers. If OEM skin care is not appropriate during pregnancy, such pregnant mothers are more likely to cause sensitive skin and cause a series of sensitive skin problems. What are the reasons for the appearance of mixed skin? How should mixed skin be taken care of?    Generally speaking, mixed skin is affected by congenital factors, improper daily skin care, staying up late, and seasonal changes. Due to genetic reasons, the sebaceous glands in the T-zone of many people secrete more vigorously, and the sebaceous glands in the cheeks secrete less. In the process of daily life, insufficient hydration will make the skin's water and oil imbalance, which will gradually transform into a combination skin. In addition, women are currently facing dual pressures from work and work. Frequent staying up late and insomnia can turn oily, normal and dry skin into combination skin, as well as combination skin into oily dehydrated skin. Coupled with the change of seasons, the secretion of sebum in the T zone will increase, and the skin in the U zone will be drier, leading to the appearance of acne, stains, and wrinkles. How to care for combination skin?    Step 1: Clean oil control: Combination dehydrated skin needs to remove oil while cleaning. It is recommended to use oil control cleansing milk. Once a day in the morning and evening, it can achieve a good cleaning and oil control effect. After use, it feels refreshing and refreshing. Not tight. Step 2: Conditioning the skin: After cleansing, in order to improve the water content of the stratum corneum of the mixed dehydrated skin and the poor ability of absorbing nutrients, you can use the special softening lotion for pregnant women, which can deeply moisturize the skin at the same time It can regulate dry skin and activate the ability of cells to absorb nutrients.   The third step: Moisturizing: To restore the balance of water and oil to mixed skin, in addition to replenishing sufficient moisture and nutrients to the skin, it is necessary to keep the skin from losing moisture. Some moisturizing creams can be used to better care for the skin. Step 4: Intensive hydration and deep nourishment: It is better to strengthen deep hydrating care for the skin 1-2 times a week, which can allow moisture to penetrate from the stratum corneum to the inner layer of the skin. You can use some moisturizing masks to make later maintenance more effective .   Combination skin requires more delicate skin repair and care than other skin types. If pregnant women want to better exert the effect of pregnancy skin care, they should clarify the causes of their own skin texture, and selectively choose gentle skin care products for pregnant women, combined with the correct OEM skin care steps, to carry out detailed skin conditioning.
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