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Frequent replacement of cosmetics in spring may cause allergies

by:Zanyu     2021-04-26
The beauty and cosmetics market in China, known as the beauty economy, has achieved unprecedented success after more than 20 years of rapid development. China’s cosmetics market is the world’s largest emerging market. In just over 20 years, China’s cosmetics industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, from simple and extensive to technological leadership, and group management. A large-scale, extremely vigorous industrial army. In 2006, the first original soy milk skin care product for pregnant women, Qinrun was launched in China, breaking the traditional barrier that pregnant women cannot use skin care products, and proclaiming that OEM skin care products have entered a new era. After 30 years of cultivation and development of reform and opening up, China has become the second largest OEM cosmetics market in Asia and the eighth largest in the world, and the industry branded competition pattern has been formed. At present, in the Chinese cosmetics market, the mid-to-high-end market is basically dominated by foreign investment and joint ventures. Several international giants such as L'Oreal, Procter u0026 Gamble, Shiseido, Estee Lauder and others have formed an oligarchic competition. Experts predict that despite the global economic slowdown in 2008 and the financial crisis, the total sales of my country's cosmetics market in 2009 could still reach as high as 80 billion yuan. The main target of these products is directly at the white-collar workers, the main growth force of which comes from skin care products and make-up. By 2015, a large number of micro-businesses have emerged, which has driven the OEM cosmetics market, especially skin care products such as facial masks produced and processed by Guangzhou cosmetics factories. In this case, there are more and more cosmetic styles, more and more choices of people, and more and more cosmetics to be replaced. However, spring is approaching, and experts tell us that during the spring period, we must not change too many cosmetics because it may cause allergies.   Ms. Hu is 33 years old and has skin allergies almost every spring. Later, when she went to the doctor, she took almost all the cosmetics she had used, and asked the doctor to help identify the problem. Ms. Hu told the doctor that due to work reasons, she would use a lot of cosmetics from the beginning of spring and change them frequently.   In this regard, Wang Yuxuan, a well-known dermatologist and researcher at the Swiss Stem Cell Gene Technology Laboratory, told reporters that there is a certain relationship between skin allergies in spring and patients' frequent cosmetic changes. It turns out that skin problems are often closely related to the accumulation of skin toxins according to the theory of human self-toxicity. The causes of skin poisoning are divided into endogenous and exogenous. Among them, endogenous toxins include excessive intake of lipid food, the reproduction of mites and bacteria, and the accumulation of free radicals due to lack of exercise. Exogenous toxins include excessive use of mineral oils, powders, and hormone cosmetics. Especially the frequent use of OEM cosmetics with unknown ingredients can often cause skin allergies, stains, dullness and other symptoms. Therefore, reducing the use of cosmetics with unknown ingredients is an important means to prevent skin allergies in spring.   In addition, in order to prevent the skin from accumulating toxins, people should strengthen their own detoxification and smooth all kinds of detoxification channels, such as maintaining a smooth stool, taking regular physical exercises, and so on. In addition, maintaining a balance between intake and consumption is also very important. Therefore, appropriate weight loss for overweight and obese people can help improve the skin condition.   Wang Yuxuan reminded that many people try to get rid of this layer of oil after they find that there is a layer of oil on their facial skin. In fact, this layer of oil often plays an important role in protecting the skin. What people have to do is not to control oil, but to moisturize the skin (feather moisturizing five grain silk facial mask whitening and hydrating facial mask). This can effectively protect the skin.
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