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Gentle winter care to soothe sensitive pregnant muscles winter skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-30
Stimulated by dry and cold weather, the pregnant muscles are prone to itching, redness and swelling in winter, accompanied by red blood streaks, and the skin becomes dull and sluggish. How to fight against sensitive skin and relieve red blood streaks during pregnancy? When red blood streaks appear on the face, do not use any exfoliating products, otherwise it will only aggravate the red blood streaks on the face. First, gentle cleansing is when blood streaks appear on the king's face, it means that the skin is already very sensitive. Therefore, you should not use alkaline cleansers. This will make the skin too tight. Don't over-clean and reduce the irritation Probability.  Second, it is very effective to control the water temperature  In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. Washing your face with cold water can enhance skin immunity. Cleanse thoroughly with warm water first, then rinse your face with cold water. This can exercise the facial skin's resistance to cold, and it can also cause redness on the face due to cold air.   Third, wear a coat of red blood streaks.    The red blood streaks of the skin have a thin cuticle, which has poor water-holding capacity, and the skin's moisture is easily lost. At this time, we must do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing, and strengthening the moisture of the skin can reduce the occurrence of allergies.   Fourth, soy milk is actually very effective.    Pregnant mothers with red blood on their face can drink soy milk for breakfast. Soy milk is rich in vitamin E, which can enhance the resistance of cells, and the red blood on the face can also be relieved.   Fifth, use honey water instead of beverages    Honey can also improve the symptoms of red blood streaks. Honey contains a large number of amino acids needed by cells, which can effectively repair damaged skin cells. Adding a spoonful of honey in warm water can not only repair damaged cells, but also moisturize the intestines and stomach to achieve the effect of detoxification.   During pregnancy, the use of gentle OEM skin care products for pregnant women for basic care will also help repair the stratum corneum on the skin surface, re-establish an effective protective film, and reduce the appearance of red blood streaks. In addition, when pregnant mothers drink soy milk and honey water, be careful not to overdose, otherwise it will damage the health of the fetus.
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