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Girls with higher leels of appearance, National Day, what do you travel to protect skin to taste?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-16
Girls with higher leels of appearance, National Day, what do you travel to protect skin to taste? National Day seven tianle eleven National Day is coming, busy rectified, finally can go out and see! However, during the vacations, you will experience travelling, and your skin will also through many dangers. According to the characteristics of the general effect to protect skin to taste a bottle of only one, and only bring enough bottles to make stability in my mind. Can take so much luggage, really not tired? Then listen to small make up to talk to you, National Day, girls with higher leels of appearance, travelling, what protects skin to taste? A: makeup water recommend reason: makeup as MM travel, will certainly see all kinds of all kinds of handsome boy, so at this point do not pulled when? So a little point makeup on when you travel, or very be necessary. But small make up recommend shoulds not be too thick, tourism, after all, sweating, too thick really inconvenience, pure and fresh quietly elegant travel makeup can, not only can make you both beautiful nature, and convenient save Labour, can let you keep beautiful image in the travel. And, of course, will discharge makeup makeup, so discharge makeup oil is must take, after all, for makeup, or oil unloading fast and effective. But shoulds not be too big for a small bottle. Wash a face with warm water, before he goes to bed at night after discharge makeup and gently cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin. 2: cleanser recommend reason: clean the needless to say, go out to play, must stick to face a lot of dirt, sweat, and under uv light, will possess radiation on the face, so keep the skin clean, is an essential part of away from home. Must every day and night to deep clean the skin. In the evening after use discharge makeup water, wash a face with the milk is necessary. Here recommend a deep cleaning effect of foam cleanser, it is absolutely necessary travel to protect skin to taste. Three: sunscreen recommend reason: prevent bask in segregation here small make up I want to give the women to knock a wake-up call, although it is autumn, but after summer blazes still faint attack, as long as a little do not pay attention to, ultraviolet light, or would you let skin tan is red hot, do not think that the summer do not have a thing, don't be naive. Sunscreen is therefore must take drops, and the best matching hat, sunscreen unlined upper garment, the content such as sunglasses shade. Remember to daub in half an hour before going out in the whole body is prevented bask in a product, and then to carry, filling besmear every one or two hours, after all, you have a sweat will flow. Four: the mask recommend reason: repair hydrating mask is the skin of women first aid kit, taking cover in the face of short time, temporary isolation outside air and pollution, improve skin temperature, the expansion of the pores of the skin, promote the secretion of sweat gland and metabolism, make the skin of oxygen levels rise, mask is good for skin eliminates the product of the metabolism of skin cell and the accumulation of grease, moisture in the mask into the epidermis cutin layer of skin, the skin becomes soft, increase flexibility. So travel, face film is also the necessary choice! Warm prompt: the bud is National Day the long vacation, happy to release at the same time, don't forget to care your skin! Warm prompt: the bud is National Day the long vacation, happy to release at the same time, don't forget to care for yourself! Mr Page, all the staff warmly celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the ( 1949 - 2018). The first season of the tip of the tongue on the mask hd 1 set, the box office or can break through the '$1' in 2018, the China film industry development present situation and development prospects analysis by clicking on 'reading' below to see more wonderful content ☺
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