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Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory: How to create attractive women in early morning skin care?

by:Zanyu     2021-04-30
Many women who can make money! There are not many women who can live! Be more and more attractive, less and less flavorful. If a woman doesn't want to be the finale just in middle age! When they are old, they will become yellow flowers of yesterday. They will die, mold, and wither, and they must learn how to maintain them. Guangzhou OEM cosmetics factory-beauty experts have created a complete morning skin care strategy:   Step 1: Wake up in the morning with a glass of honey water and drink a glass of water in the morning. Many mm know the secret of skin care and beauty. Drinking water can not only clear the stool in the body, but also discharge toxins. It can add proper amount of moisture to the skin and restore its elasticity. But what kind of water to drink is very particular. Some people say that drinking salt water is sterilizing and eye-catching. But in fact, light salt water is not suitable to be used in the morning, and it will cause some damage to the kidney. The most suitable water is honey water, which can not only help gastrointestinal motility but also provide nutrition, and it is also beneficial to the skin.   Step 2: Gentle cleansing to wake up the skin    It is your body that wakes up in the morning, but the skin may not wake up yet. At this time, you need to use cleansing to wake it up. The choice of facial cleansing products needs to be based on your own skin condition. If the skin is particularly dry, rough and sensitive, facial cleansing products can sometimes become a burden on the skin. Adjusting the cleansing method according to your skin's condition is the ideal form of morning beauty.   In addition, in order to make the skin's protective film fully play its role, it is best to avoid excessive cleansing in the morning. If you have very fragile skin, you can even use some cleansing water to massage and rub.  Step 3: Coordinate and take care of making a facial mask   We will definitely brush our teeth in the morning, and the correct time for brushing our teeth is more than 3 minutes, so what can we do in this gap? In fact, we can take the opportunity to make a mask while brushing our teeth. At this time, it is best to choose a gel-like mask, which is convenient and does not affect the washing action. Inserting a mask will not only make the skin more plumped and moisturized, but more importantly, it can quickly invigorate your spirit.  Step 4: Brighten the complexion by the essence    Although the previous series of OEM skin care has been intensively carried out, the tired skin may not reach the perfect state. Beauty experts say that the absorption of the skin in the morning is the best, so we should use expensive skin care products in the morning, such as essence. When applying essence, it is best not to waste a drop and let them fully function. The best way is, after applying the essence, gently cover the face with the palm of the hand, covering the forehead, cheeks, chin and other positions in turn. The temperature of the palm can promote the skin to absorb the essence more completely. Very good results can be achieved within seconds.   Step 5: Lymphatic massage    Beauty King Das once introduced the morning lymphatic massage OEM skin care technique in the book. Generally speaking, our face is somewhat swollen in the early morning. The main reason is poor circulation and difficulty in metabolizing water by facial tissues. Therefore, it is not enough to massage the swollen cheeks. It also needs to be supplemented by lymphatic massage. Massage can be combined with cream. The application of the skin can accelerate the metabolism, OEM skin care is healthy, and it can be combined with essential oils, which can be more confident and relaxed.   Massage on the edge of the cheeks: Make a fist, press the edge of the lower jaw with the index finger and middle finger, and slowly push from the middle to the sideburns.   Subauricular gland massage: From the end of the eye to the ear, use your index finger to gently press the recess behind the earlobe-the subauricular gland, to help the skin remove waste.  Neck massage: Push down from the neck to expel waste and water trapped in the body through the lymph. Have you learned such a simple and healthy skin care strategy?
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