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Guangzhou cosmetics factory launches Valentine's Day cosmetic kits for Valentine's Day

by:Zanyu     2021-04-30
Aiming at the annual Valentine's Day, Guangzhou Factory launched Valentine's Day cosmetic kits for Valentine's Day. Most high-end cosmetics manufacturers have launched Valentine's Day suits and exclusive promotions! Last night, in front of the OEM cosmetics counter on the first floor of a large department store in Guangzhou, we saw: Guangzhou, Lancome, Estée Lauder, Biotherm, SK-II, Clinique, etc., now all have Valentine’s Day gift boxes and sets to buy The intensity of the donation is unprecedented. We have learned that some brands of Valentine's Day promotional gift boxes include essence, face cream, eye cream, etc., with a total value of several hundred yuan. In addition to OEM cosmetics, well-known brands of jewelry have also become the main force of Valentine's Day promotions. For example, in a glamorous contract promotion launched by a department store, many brands, in addition to substantial price reductions, also provide limited meal coupons, chocolates, high-end wines, etc. every day, and some brands also treat the popular Apple tablet as a gift. Big gift.   At the same time, some fashionable catering shops, coffee shops, and dessert shops have also joined the Valentine's Day promotion boom. For customers who book a dinner on Valentine’s Day, we have not only provided discounts on the dishes, but also prepared a great gift of value-added cosmetics kits! Among them, EGF freeze-dried powder is the most popular. Why is EGF freeze-dried powder so popular among the delivery gifts on Valentine's Day? It is mainly suitable for the crowd: muscle strain caused by postpartum, the outer skin tissue is difficult to repair for a while, and it feels like a pattern on the skin. The skin is loose and the muscle tissue is sagging, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers are lost due to rapid weight loss, and the skin is dry and cracked.   Ingredients: chamomile, lavender, basil, jasmine, etc.    Efficacy: Effective and rapid penetration of essential oils into subcutaneous tissues, activate skin cells to enhance fiber cell elasticity, promote cell regeneration, tighten the skin, reduce and remove stretch marks. Make the muscle surface tissue more active and restore the original state. The service staff of another fashionable restaurant told reporters yesterday that consumers can also choose the types of gifts in advance according to their preferences and enjoy caring service. In addition, some star-rated hotels in this city have also launched unique romantic Valentine's Day dinners. Despite the price of 500 or 600 yuan, the romantic and warm dining and the delivery of special OEM cosmetics have attracted the attention of many young consumers. I feel this way is very novel.
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