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Guangzhou cosmetics factory teaches you how to choose cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-01
Guangzhou Factory teaches you how to choose cosmetics: 1. When purchasing cosmetics, you should first pay attention to whether there is an inspection certificate and a hygiene permit. Pay attention to the delivery date of cosmetics. Generally speaking, creams, creams, and refined products should be used up within one year to one and a half years as far as possible;   2, carefully read the instructions, pay attention to the use methods and precautions;   3, when choosing cosmetics It depends on whether the color of the cosmetics is bright, if you find discoloration, or have red, black, green and other colors of mildew, or the color is dim, it means that the color of the cosmetics is incorrect and cannot be used. If the appearance appears turbid, oily water layer, or flocculent, the paste shrinks and cracks. You can't use it;   4. The smell of cosmetics is elegant and refreshing, but there is no pungent smell. If it smells bad or smells, it cannot be used.  5. require fine texture, because the finer the texture, the greater the adhesion of the skin, and it will look natural and appropriate when rubbed on the skin. So how to tell? The simple way is to dip a little finger, gently and evenly apply to the wrist joint activity, then move the wrist up and down several times, observe after a few seconds, if the OEM cosmetics are evenly attached to the skin, And when there are no traces of light-colored stripes on the wrinkles on the wrist, it is a delicate cosmetic, such as Yaxin Anna Moisturizing and Refreshing Wrinkle Balancing Set; on the contrary, it appears rough and the effect is not good.
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