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Guangzhou cosmetics OEM manufacturer, capture the beautiful moments of snail cream

by:Zanyu     2021-05-02
Everyone has their own personal charm. Of course, our skin also has it. Different people have different skin properties. So, do you want to be beautiful? Beauty does not mean buying expensive cosmetics and making them look beautiful, but means buying comfortable ones that suit you, and you are beautiful. So how can I buy cosmetics that suit me? If you want to buy OEM cosmetics that suit you, you must first recognize your skin. So what kinds of skin properties are there? 1. The characteristics of oily skin are: strong oil secretion, large pores, and thick and greasy skin; treatment method: when washing your face in the morning, you should use warm water to properly heat, expand, and open the pores to thoroughly clean the excess oil and dirt in the deep pores. , And use cleansing products with strong cleansing power; after washing your face, use astringent toner to pat, which can shrink pores and moisturize the skin; on this basis, we can use products that are adapted to oily skin. 2. The characteristics of dry skin are as follows: dry skin is thin and fragile, with less oil secretion, relatively dry, prone to peeling, dry lines, fine lines, lack of luster; treatment method: before washing your face, you can first apply some lotion, Leave it for about 15-20 minutes to moisturize and soften the skin. Use warm water and use high-fat cleansing products when washing your face to avoid dryness and abrasion of the skin due to the washing action, and to make the cleansing effect more thorough; after washing your face, You can use a soft toner to soften the skin, and then use other maintenance OEM cosmetics suitable for dry skin. Generally speaking, it is mainly a slightly oily product with better moisture. Pay attention to moisturizing the skin in time, such as drinking plenty of water, using a portable moisturizing spray, etc. 3. The characteristics of mixed skin are as follows: the skin on the forehead, both sides of the nose and the jaw is relatively greasy, while the skin on other parts is relatively dry; treatment method: the care and maintenance of mixed skin should be treated differently, corresponding to oily skin and dry skin respectively When cleaning your face, you can use cleansing milk several times on the oily parts, focusing on cleansing, etc., and then apply astringent toner. 4. The characteristics of sensitive skin are as follows: sensitive skin is relatively thin, its resistance to external damage is relatively weak, and it is easily irritated, especially sensitive to cold and heat stimulation; treatment method: when washing your face, you should use warm water and the number of times to wash your face at the same time It should not be too frequent. Generally speaking, people with sensitive skin should use less cosmetics to prevent skin irritation. If you want to use OEM cosmetics, you must do a skin sensitivity test before using it. In the course of use, it is generally necessary to use a certain product. Frequent switching of the product may cause disorder of the skin's adaptive memory to the product, which will stimulate the skin and increase the burden. 5. The characteristics of normal skin are: non-greasy and not dry; treatment method: normal skin is the best, just like baby skin, so choose milder products to maintain the existing skin moisture and oil status. Seeing the above skin properties, do you know what type of skin you are? Next, I will introduce a snail cream product. As a rising member of the cosmetic oem u200bu200bproduct market, it is welcomed by the majority of women and has a great effect. How do we use snail cream for different skin types? Type 1: Dark yellow, pigmented skin. Method: Use it with OEM skin care lotion and milk twice a day. After four weeks, the skin will be delicate, fair and shiny. Type 2: Dry and sensitive skin. Method: Use it once a day in the morning and evening, starting from the forehead, cheeks, nose, and finally chin, and massage until it is absorbed. After four weeks, the skin is hydrated, shiny and soft. Type 3: Acne, acne, acne scar skin Method: Use it with refreshing water and milk twice a day. Don't just use it on acne or acne skin, it's best to use it on the entire face. Type 4: Relaxed and wrinkled skin. Method: Twice a day, it is more effective to use with Crystal Moisturizing or Refining Firming Lotion. After four weeks, it restores skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Type 5: Scars or burns on the skin. Method: Apply to the affected area twice a day. There may be a slight burning sensation for a few seconds when using it, mainly because the snail essence is repairing the skin. Everyone should have a moment of eternal youth, and this moment will be a moment we will miss forever, snail cream is worth yours.
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