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Guangzhou cosmetics processing factory: Why is the skin getting worse and worse?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-02
Every girl loves beauty, but when I walk on the street, I often hear young girls say, 'How come my skin is getting worse and worse?' Yes, you are so young, why does your skin look like middle-aged? The following Guangzhou OEM cosmetics processing factory will discuss with you: There are six factors that cause skin to become worse and worse: A. The loss of nutrition and the change of nutrition structure with age; B. The serious pollution of air; C. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight lamp Excessive exposure; D. Improper dietary structure adjustment, lack of sleep; E. irritation such as smoking, drinking and drugs; F. Improper or excessive use of OEM cosmetics. In this case, we can't let it go, we have to learn to maintain and learn to improve the skin. 1. Pay attention to moisturizing the skin Dry skin will cause fine lines and wrinkles, so we must pay attention to moisturizing the skin. You can apply more moisturizing cream from the hot spring moisturizing series to your skin. It can protect the skin, give full play to its hydrating effect, continuously provide moisture and nourish, moisturize the skin for a long time, and repair the sun damage, leaving the skin silky and smooth, showing a moist and transparent texture. 2. Pay attention to sunscreen for the skin. The strong sun is extremely poisonous, not only tanning the skin, but also sunburning the skin. Walking on the street, many MMs have chosen to go out with umbrellas. Only a sun umbrella can’t make the skin spend the summer safely. You should choose a sunscreen product. Of course, different skin types have different sunscreen products. Age also chooses different sunscreens. 3. Pay attention to refreshing the skin. As the temperature rises, the oil is unbalanced, and the face is always oily. Choose refreshing products with oil control effects to supplement the skin's moisture needs, regulate sebum secretion, and absorb the aging of the skin surface Cutin and dust; remove skin dirt and excess oil hidden deep in the pores, achieving the dual effects of deep cleansing and long-term oil control. 4. Pay attention to the skin mask. The role of the mask is varied, such as whitening, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, etc., and there are countless whitening masks on the market. Regarding the mask, you need to understand three important functions, moisturizing, cleansing, and whitening. It is recommended to use Yurun Five Grain Silk Mask for Whitening and Moisturizing Mask. The first two points are the basics, and the last one is needed now. Applying a mask is really good for whitening, but it can't be used often. It is recommended to apply it two or three times a week, and apply it for 10 minutes before going to bed at night to feel the comfort of the whitening mask quietly.
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