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Guangzhou Jahwa Cosmetics Processing Factory: How to do a micro business?

by:Zanyu     2021-04-30
2015 was a prosperous period for WeChat business. Qzone and Moments were all maxed out by WeChat business products. As long as you are still connected to this society, you will not be able to escape a little gap in the micro-business. Wechat business veterans use facial masks and OEM cosmetics in the circle of friends every day, and where are the best cosmetic processing factories in Guangzhou. So, the question is, how should newbies do micro business? 1. First of all, you need a good WeChat name and profile picture; 2. WeChat content must be authentic and make people feel alive; 3. Try to show your face on the Internet as much as possible; 4. Sugar daddy, use external forces to improve yourself. At the same time, it is also necessary to know clearly that the master leads the door and the practice is on the individual. It is certain to make money to do business, but not everyone can make money in the same business! To do business, you must first set your own mentality, and you must do the following: 1. Buy and sell to make money, but it is not what to make money, to do conscientious trading; 2. Be prepared to be a guinea pig! What we do is high-end products. First, we have to work on our own face and then convince your customers. Customers will believe you. Just start small agents, remember to find the lowest source of goods first, and put your mind to the point. When shipping, first find a good home that can affect you and trust you very much, and try to do it. Only when you get bigger, it makes sense wherever you go. When the quantity goes up, the price will come down. Wechat business is very deep. Don’t be careful to lose money because of the low price of a few quick dollars. It’s a big deal to damage the customer’s face; 3. If the agents are in the service industry, they should first correct their mentality and change positions. Think! Put yourself in the consumer to consider, you can do it well! You should know that doing one line and loving one line, falling in love with what you do from the heart, is not just making money when you turn to the picture to see that others can make money; 4. How far can you go if you think about it! We need to communicate more in trading, and only if we communicate well, we can have greater benefits. In the end, as a small editor, I want to share a face-lifting mask with you: face-lifting mask. This mask not only allows you to have a whitening effect, but also allows you to feel the coolness of spring, the skin is refreshing, tender, and full of OEM skin care.
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