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Guangzhou Jahwa: How to get a face-lift?

by:Zanyu     2021-04-29
It is believed that having a beautiful and charming face is what every beauty lover wants. In fact, in our daily life, there are many small details as long as we pay a little attention to it, the effect of face-lifting can be achieved, not only can avoid the operation The pain can not cost money. In addition to face-lifting massage, there are other more magical methods. What are the specific ones? Next, Guangzhou Factory will introduce to you one by one. 1. If you want to thin your face, you must first have enough sleep and good work and rest habits to ensure adequate sleep. Improving the quality of sleep is also one of the coups that help thin your face. Make sure to sleep for eight hours a day, which allows the body to get adequate rest and the skin will become better. The skin can be nourished during sleep. If it can be actively maintained in daily life, the complexion will become better and the face will feel thinner. 2. Breathing correctly is also very important. Many people may not know that their breathing habits will affect the nose, mouth and the bite of the teeth. Many people use their mouths to breathe while sleeping. For a long time like this, their tongues will lean forward, affecting the bite, and the chin will gradually deform, affecting the entire face. Therefore, it is necessary to develop correct breathing habits and let the nose become the dominant part of breathing. 3. Facial expressions are the key to face-lifting. Human expressions are like symbols on the face. No matter what expressions we show, whether they are laughing or sad, all expressions will be on our faces. Leave a mark on it. Therefore, we must make good use of facial expressions to thin the face, and lift up the muscles on both sides of the cheeks and the corners of the mouth when smiling. In addition, making other facial expressions that can exercise facial muscles also has the effect of thinning your face. 4. Singing can also achieve the effect of face-lifting. Singing frequently and exercising the oral cavity is also a way of face-lifting! Oral exercises can make the muscles of the two parts strong. In addition, when singing, your own expression is also Sound can speed up the circulation of blood and lymph, make people relaxed, and eliminate the tension and pressure of work. So go out and sing K with your friends more, it can help you to thin your face. We can also use a face-lifting mask, which can not only replenish water, but also whiten, anti-aging, and dispel freckles. It has many functions. This is because the Guangzhou OEM cosmetics processing factory has adopted the most advanced technology and the core team to produce the most advanced products, and the face-lifting mask is one of them: • The face-lifting mask uses the current best Japanese top-class silk imported mask. • It does not contain fluorescent whitening agents, and it is prohibited to use national orders to prohibit the addition of various antibiotics and additives. • The whole process of product processing is aseptic to ensure that there is no fermentation or deterioration during the shelf life. • The raw material supplier is formally registered as an enterprise to ensure the absolute stability of the first pass of the product. •The packaging is made of aseptic pure aluminum foil bag with a thickness of 14 mm, with exquisite texture and high-grade feel. •The product liquid has a moderate viscosity, no thickening agent is added, and it is not greasy after absorption, has good air permeability, and can be washed away. • The allergy rate is extremely low, lower than the national 0.3% standard. Rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, it feels moisturized after use, without any irritation. • The lower part can tighten the skin, remove excess water, eliminate edema, and burn excess facial fat. •Suitable for baby bar, double chin, nasolabial folds, sagging and sagging skin.
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