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Guangzhou Jahwa: What is the difference between WeChat and MLM?

by:Zanyu     2021-04-29
A problem that many people are closely concerned about now is micro-business and MLM. Many people think that wechat business is a kind of MLM, and does the wechat business model have the potential to violate the bottom line of the law? But what is MLM? According to the Regulations on Prohibition of MLM, MLM refers to the development of personnel by the organizer or operator, by calculating and paying remuneration based on the number of personnel or sales performance developed directly or indirectly by the developed personnel, or requiring the developed personnel to pay a certain amount Fees are conditions for obtaining qualifications for joining, etc. Its purpose is to seek illegal benefits, disrupt economic order, and affect social stability. The reason why many people think that Weishang may violate the bottom line of MLM is because they mistake Weishang for the group of people selling goods in Moments. There is a legal risk of triggering multi-level marketing by the development of agents in the Moments of Friends. They are all hierarchical management and continue to develop offline (agents). The offline are usually friends and relatives, and the offline usually requires the purchase of goods; Make money as a slogan. However, the difference between Wechat and MLM is that the goods sold are generally not high-priced, but are mostly consumer products such as facial masks and clothing; the fundamental purpose is to make money by selling goods, rather than making money through fraud. And now there are many cosmetic oem u200bu200bprocessing factories in vogue, that is because this society needs progress and humanity needs development. However, the facts are not optimistic. In 2014, local police frequently cracked some cases of WeChat business fraud. For example, in July, the Hefei police cracked a WeChat MLM case: Since 2014, someone has worked with others in various small and medium hotels in a certain city in the name of a Shanghai Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd., under the name of different levels of agents for the development of Anhui Mall. Participants are required to pay fees to obtain membership qualifications, and to form levels in a certain order. The number of developers is directly used as the basis for remuneration or rebates, so as to induce and coerce participants to continue to develop others to participate and defraud the property. The preliminary estimate is that the value involved is more than 500,000 yuan. The reason for this chaos is that the real situation is that there is a mixture of micro-businesses. Those who really want to make money and those who swindle money through fraud are mixed together, causing the development of micro-business. Indeed, there are people who are really engaged in micro-business businesses, and they continue to work hard to explore the experience and lessons of social shopping, and they have found the first pot of gold. Wechat businesses also provide income opportunities for some relatively disadvantaged groups, such as mothers with children at home, people with disabilities, and college students. However, there are also many people who practice MLM under the name of micro-business. The essence of developing agency is to lure over to develop offline and engage in fraud. We are not at risk of stepping on the legal red line. The important basis for identifying MLM is whether its bonus system has pyramid distribution. Although wechat has a certain hierarchical relationship between the manufacturer-distributor-wechat, the fundamental purpose is to make money by selling goods, not by fraud. Moreover, in terms of form, whether it is a distributor or a Wechat, the products they promote are the only products on the company’s unified mobile mall. The Wechat’s commission is directly provided by the corresponding enterprise or distributor instead of being exploited by layers of agents. the way. In essence, Weimob's WeChat business model still adopts a direct sales model. Whether it is a distributor or a micro-customer, they only promote but not sell. The core purpose is to help expand the distribution network. The company is still responsible for the delivery link, directly wholesale, OEM cosmetics, Yaxinana cosmetics, Meiji cosmetics and so on.
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