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Guidelines for Preserving Skin Value During Pregnancy, Care of the Skin These Issues Have to Know

by:Zanyu     2021-06-12

   The beauty of beauty is the desire of every beauty, but after a woman is pregnant, the female skin in the body continues to increase, which disturbs the secretion of skin oils and causes various skin problems. So how do pregnant women take care of their skin? What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?   一. How to care for belly lines during pregnancy?

   Whether it is due to their own physical reasons or their own prenatal care, 70%-90% of pregnant women are deeply troubled by belly lines during pregnancy, but Teacher Yi Ran wants to say that if prenatal care is done properly, the chance of belly lines can be greatly reduced! Everyone knows that expectant mothers follow the fetus during pregnancy. As they grow older, their abdomen gradually swells, and gradually purple or red belly lines appear, which are more obvious at 6 months of pregnancy. This is because as the belly gradually expands, the elastic fibers of the abdominal skin gradually appear. Broken, and even after unloading, the skin elastic fibers are repaired, but it is difficult for the skin to return to the smooth and clean state of the teenage years.

How about   :

   In order to avoid the appearance of belly wrinkles, you must pay attention to maintenance during pregnancy. For example, you should have a balanced diet and stay away from foods that are too oily, sweet and too salty; also pay attention Keep your weight under 2 kg per month. At the same time, under the guidance of a doctor, you can take appropriate intake of health products that can promote dermal fiber growth, increase skin elasticity, and belly lines. It is also a good habit to use the abdominal support belt at ordinary times. It can bear the gravity burden of the abdomen and slow down the rapid arrival of belly lines caused by excessive stretch of the skin!

  How to care:

  If Belly wrinkles are not done well, and don’t worry too much! Belly wrinkles products are a magic weapon to help you quickly and effectively remove belly wrinkles! There are many belly wrinkle products on the market, and mothers who have the conditions can buy them. Belly cream or olive oil etc. Belly wrinkles products can effectively repair the abdominal skin, increase its elasticity, and effectively remove belly wrinkles.

  2. What should I do if my skin is rough and dry during pregnancy?

   After a woman is pregnant, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, skin metabolism will also increase. At this time, Many pregnant women will feel dry and tight skin, and even partial dryness such as peeling. If I say it, it means that you should really pay attention to OEM skin care! The following tips should be kept in mind!

  1. Pregnant women’s skin is very sensitive, so you should pay attention to the use of mild and non-irritating cleansing products in skin care. At the same time, use creams with mild hydrating and water-locking effects to help the skin retain moisture.

  2. Drink plenty of water, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. If necessary, you can also take some vitamin B2 and vitamin C tablets, and your skin will be dry and cracked.

  3. In dry autumn and winter, indoor humidity should be maintained. Humidifiers can prevent dry air from taking away moisture from the skin!

  3. How to choose OEM skin care products during pregnancy?< /p>

The sex of    skin care products is definitely the primary consideration in the choice of skin care during pregnancy. The products should not contain heavy metals, alcohol, hormones, mineral oil and pigments that are harmful to the mother and fetus. It is better to use natural foods , Natural skin care products for pregnant women developed from ingredients extracted from plant extracts. Although the skin during pregnancy is dry and dull due to changes in hormone levels in the body, it is absolutely impossible to choose skin care products with whitening and other effects. It is still necessary to moisturize and moisturize. In addition, ordinary OEM cosmetics on the market cannot be touched. After all, preservatives, aromatic compounds, pigments and other ingredients commonly contained in OEM cosmetics are substances that must not be touched during pregnancy. If makeup is necessary, it is recommended to use special OEM cosmetics during pregnancy instead!

  4. How do spots form during pregnancy?

   Pregnancy spots are a very normal phenomenon, common during pregnancy Facial pigmentation, called chloasma, is caused by the increased secretion of androgens in the placenta after pregnancy. It is a physiological change during pregnancy. After delivery, the secretion of androgens in the body returns to the normal balance of pregnancy. Most people The spots on the face will naturally lighten or disappear. But this is also inseparable from the effective protection of the skin during pregnancy. Usually, you should wear a sun hat and sunscreen when going out. Pay attention to sun protection to avoid aggravation of pregnancy spots. When bathing, insist on washing the corresponding parts with cold water and hot water alternately to promote local blood circulation. In the diet, also pay attention to eating less irritating, sweet and fried foods, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, and drinking enough 6-8 cups of boiled water every day, which can help annoying pigmentation during pregnancy!

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