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Hand sanitizer export customs declaration formalities how to deal with?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-30
Hand sanitizer export customs declaration formalities how to deal with? Hand sanitizer export customs declaration formalities how to deal with? Now hand sanitizer export customs declaration is more, hand sanitizers have zhidao two kinds, one kind is ordinary hand sanitizer non-alcoholic, apply to the commodity inspection declaration form can be normal export, another kind is containing more than 75% of the alcohol hand sanitizer, this is called disposable gel, the export is the way according to the export of dangerous goods, need to have MSDS, appraisal report, the latent version package license, if not dangerous bag, to see if hand sanitizer power capacity is less than a liter, less than a liter, can cover a limited logo, can need not dangerous package card. Know washing fluid import customs clearance formalities: 1, hand sanitizer, soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and other products we can according to the Chinese label information, reasonable avoid Beijing approval application process, so you need the product before your company imports the original packaging, and translation for us. 2, before the goods to the port, we need to arrange for authorized notary, then the enterprise put on record, according to the notarization to apply for consignee only after doing these are allowed to declare. Before 3, cargo declaration, the importer must version ready goods list in advance and related foreign documents, before the goods declaration, we need according to the cargo list, complete product system for the record, and related data submission. 4, the current laundry detergent products abroad provide composition test report right all component content many not 100%, and the commodity inspection regulations ingredient content must be 100%, according to the product details properly modified ingredients is reasonable and effective way to avoid. Tags: hand sanitizer exports
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