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Hand sanitizer in daily life should be how to choose and buy?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-13
Hand sanitizer can effectively remove dirt and stains and bacteria, prevent the happening of the multitude of infectious diseases. Many families and public places can use, what should hand sanitizer to choose? Small make up to you to sort out the following content for your reference.
in addition to the medical institutions and other places with special requirements for disinfection, generally according to the actual needs of their families and public places and economic condition choose and buy.

1。 Learn to distinguish between different hand sanitizer, easy to distinguish different hand sanitizer, ordinary hand sanitizer name generally no special identification, resistance ( Suppression) Bacteria liquid soap in the name will be marked 'anti-bacterial' or 'bacteriostatic'; Hand sanitizers would be marked 'sterilization' in name. Ordinary liquid soap should be marked on the label production enterprise production license ( Makeup, such as Shanghai 20190001) , fight, Suppression) Bacteria liquid soap and hand disinfectant hygiene license for manufacturing enterprises should be marked on the label ( Who away the words) 。

2。 Should to normal bazaar to buy hand sanitizer, observe whether product packaging is in good condition, whether the pump head, label printing is clear. Take a closer look at the product label, focus on the main composition, usage, warranty information, etc.

1。 Using 'six steps washing technique', both hands fully knead for at least 30 seconds, in the process should pay attention to rub to the fingers, fingers, and make the foam can cover all parts of the hand.

to end use/antibacterial hand sanitizer or read the instructions carefully before hand sanitizers, according to the method of use.

2。 Hand sanitizers have pungent smell, such as a stink, the liquid delamination, the phenomenon such as turbidity, or use the hand after symptoms such as itching, pain, redness, should immediately stop using, severe cases should be timely medical treatment.
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